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10 Men’s Grooming Tips You Can’t Do Without

Men's Grooming Tips You Can't Do Without

There was a time when a man who spent too much time caring about his appearance was treated with scorn and suspicion. Thankfully, those times are long past. These days, men put just as much care into their appearance and grooming as women. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Some even have a proper men’s grooming kit to help them create the perfect impression. Others opt for less seriousness and make do with a specific body wash and trimmer. Whatever the level of passion you have for your appearance, an ungroomed man gives an undesirable impression. This blog explores ten simple men’s grooming tips that you just can’t do without.

1. Find a Regular Barber

One of the most important steps in grooming is finding a barber or stylist you are comfortable with. It also helps to become a regular once you find a suitable barber. Having a regular barber eliminates the anxiety associated with a haircut. Also, having a barber you know encourages you to experiment, knowing your hair is in good hands. A good practice is to make your next appointment while already at the barbers. Appointments roughly four weeks apart are enough to keep your style constantly fresh.

2. Find the Products that Suit You

These days there are a ton of options when it comes to men’s grooming products, especially hair products. Before rushing into buying something, first, you need to find what sort of product would suit you specifically. For instance, thicker hair means you can use wax or pomade. But for thinner hair, it’s best to use hairspray or lighter products to hold your hair in place. Choosing the right product is important for your overall appearance. It’s a good idea to do some research on popular products before buying some.

3. Choose the Right Scent

Aftershave or cologne is like coffee. Too strong and it’s unpalatable, too weak and it’s useless. You need to find the perfect scent based on the season and the environment around you. Also, instead of a bunch of average quality bottles of scent, invest in two or three really good ones. For summers, when it’s hot and muggy, its best to use light, citrus-like scents. For winters, it’s best to use woody or spicy scents to appeal to people around you. Remember, your scent should be a subtle part of who you are, not the most recognizable.

4. Scrub Once a Week

Make it routine to use a good scrub every Monday morning. This is great for wiping away signs of weekend fatigue from your facial area. For the rest of the week, use a soft facewash with no abrasive qualities. This helps to cleanse your facial pores of oil and grime, keeping your face looking fresh and upbeat.

5. Learn to Trim Your Beard

For those of you who prefer a hands-on approach to grooming, it pays to learn how to groom your beard. Facial hair of any length should be tamed and groomed regularly. The alternative is to look like a jungle animal or a homeless person, depending on the type of hair. A regular beard trimmer does not cost that much, so you can definitely buy one to keep your beard in shape. However, beware of amateur mistakes while trimming. You don’t want your beard to look uneven because that’s a very shabby getup.

6. Get a Professional Shave

If you don’t have the time to trim your beard yourself, its always best to go to a professional. Shaving your own beard can be both time consuming and nerve-wracking. If you are a busy professional with limited time, a professional shave once a week should suffice. A professional shave is the best way to look freshly groomed and immaculate. A properly groomed beard can do wonders for your first impression on new people.

7. Focus on Foot Care

Feet are not on display that often, but its still important to follow good hygiene when it comes to your feet. Bad foot odor is not only irritating, but it’s also embarrassing. So make sure you are caring for them properly in case you ever find yourself wearing flip-flops.

8. Care for Dark Circles

Dark circles are very annoying. They make you look tired and older than you really are. Moisturizers are good for your skin but tend to make your dark circles more prominent. It’s a good idea is some roll-on or eye cream to help reduce dark circles and make you look well-rested.

9. Maintain Your Eyebrows

Big eyebrows are no big deal. Plenty of actors and celebrities are rocking thick eyebrows all the time. But if they’re joining together to form a mono-brow, you have a problem. It’s advisable to focus on the center spot of your eyebrows as well as random hairs above or below them. Plucking, however, can be a time-consuming task, so try asking your barber for some help. There’s nothing embarrassing about this. In fact, most men get their eyebrows shaped during their barber’s appointment.

10. Wash before Bed

It’s very important to get the day’s grime and pollutants off your face before bed. If you have a grooming kit for men, there is usually some solid face wash included. If not, try out a light, alcohol-free face wash before going to bed. It’s important to avoid moisturizing at this point to let your pores breathe.

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