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5 Top Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Trends for 2017

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Trends

Virtual Reality is big, Augmented Reality will be bigger! This might have seemed revolutionary years back but has become the accepted wisdom. The market is already revolving around real-world performances which include both VR and AR.

Major tech players in the market are emerging with groundbreaking strategies. And that’s going to change future!

Let’s walk you through the rundown of the biggest Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality rundown from 2017 – The Year in Review. While, for more information on how other mind-blowing developments will continue revolutionizing our world, stay tuned to our blog posts.

Top 5 Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Trends for 2017

2016 was a breakthrough for VR and AR.

As for VR, some of the major names as PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift came to the market with a bang. The developments were accompanied by a strong implementation and a flood of content.

For AR, the world was hit with Pokémon Go, and the App Store set records during this process.

This year is looking to capitalize the momentum set by 2016. So, what does the market have of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in 2017?

Here are the top trends (and predictions) for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for 2017:

1. Our Plugged-in World Will Go Cordless in 2017

Wireless trends started emerging in 2016 while Virtual Reality tech is about to make a huge splash in 2017. A glimpse of this is the new Bluetooth standard, wireless earbuds and audio chip by Apple – and the future (next year) is in process of favoring some magical solutions.

In regards to VR, this actually means wireless Head Mounted Displays (HMDs). In the current times, you would see users connected to PC with the help of cables. Yet, in 2017 this will not be the case.

For all those with amazing minds, that are creating these wireless headsets for us, such as HTC who will be the first in marketing a fully wireless HMD, we simply have to say THANK YOU to them! The major names you should be looking up to Sony, Google, Microsoft, Oculus, and Apple.

2. Wireless Virtual Reality will Become More Beautiful with Internet of Things (IOT)

Some of the major manufacturers as Silicon Valley, are continuously on the surge for finding new in cutting cords and cables. Heard of the Internet of Things (IoT)? There’s plenty content online, meanwhile, IoT allows numerous of connected appliances to communicate with each other – wirelessly.

This, however, as it seems, should be the most important development for wireless in 2017: Apple is thinking on partnering with Energous for creating a wireless charging solution. This development will enable iPhone users to charge their phones from across the room and if this really happens, it will be a breakthrough for wireless charging.

3. AR is Next Biggest App for Smartphones

As we speak of Apple, there’s a slight roar on the next iPhone to include hardware-level Augmented Reality. Google’s Tango platform and Tim Cook have already shown how such a system will look in reality. Will AR be the feature that sells smartphone more in 2017?

No doubt, Apple is going to make AR SDK for developers to access, which will enable them to develop even more powerful iOS AR apps. However, all such smartphones will also need another hardware such as a depth-sensing camera. But this technology will most likely be available to the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy line fans.

4. You Will Shop in Virtual Reality

Retail is going to get shaken by Virtual Reality. Earth’s biggest merchants are going to take over this emerging category soon. Alibaba, the largest retailer of the world, has already launched a VR store called Buy+ which enables shoppers to wander in a VR shopping mall that has some big names as Costco, Target and Macy’s. is also not far behind, the recent job postings hint the future of the company in VR.

And VR isn’t just stopping at e-commerce, but extending to other product categories. A VR for real estates and VR for car dealership has already been seen. By the way, Ikea is also implementing VR by letting their customers design their dream kitchen. You will see plenty retailers embracing VR in 2017.

5. People Will Try Living in VR for a Straight Week.

Whether that means science or art, which is still a question. Someone so brave is going to put a VR headset and attempt for setting a record while staying in the VR space for the most amount of time, and without taking an actual break! Sounds great, right???

But don’t stick our words, only…

You will find a number of great writings and publications talking about the VR and AR in the next 12 months. Go ahead and plunge your head into the world of tech wisdom – there’s so much more to this!

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