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7 Ways to Get Better Internet for Working from Home

better internet speed for work from home

Coronavirus-induced lockdowns have forced a rethink of everyday business activities. Many are continuing to work from home to prevent the spread of the virus. Ensuring the availability of reliable and fast internet connections has become the need of the hour due to the emergence of work-from-home culture.

Bandwidth usage around the world has seen a tremendous surge, and internet companies are struggling to provide smooth connections. Are you also having trouble with your internet speed while working from home? If yes, you can improve your home internet speed with a few simple yet effective ways.

Run a Speed Test on Your Internet Connection

This is the basic step to identify internet connectivity issues. Running a speed test will also help you ascertain whether you’re getting the same speed you’re paying for. Moreover, you can determine if your home internet is facing problems due to overall networking issues in your area.

How Do I Check My Internet Speed?

For best results, use an Ethernet cable. Connect the Ethernet cord to your Wi-Fi router in order to check your home internet speed. If you use Spectrum internet, you will find that their modem supports two Ethernet ports. Consider running the speed test during different hours in a single day. This way you’ll be able to determine fluctuations (if any) in your internet speed.

You can also use your Wi-Fi to run a speed test. If you see disruptions on your Wi-Fi and not on Ethernet, then there could be issues with your network.

Don’t Use Data While Working from Home

Mobile data usage has surged in the wake of the pandemic. Many are using cellular data to make work-related phone calls. You might be using your mobile phone data excessively without even noticing. Experts recommend using a Wi-Fi connection to make the best use of audio and video-calling services like WhatsApp, Skype, and FaceTime. Or you can use a landline phone service powered by Charter cable.

Change Your Wi-Fi Location

Your furniture, doors, windows, and hallways can block your Wi-Fi signals. You may have noticed that your Wi-Fi works exceptionally well in some rooms. Sometimes, it happens that the signal strength is nonexistent in rooms cluttered with furniture. Make sure you find a suitable placement for your router to receive optimal signal strength. You can also reposition your Wi-Fi antennas to improve signal strength.

Get Yourself a Long-range Wi-Fi Router

If that doesn’t work, you can get a Wi-Fi range extender to improve your home internet signal strength. For a top-of-the-line solution, consider buying a long-range Wi-Fi signal receiver. Long-range routers are designed to catch signals from great lengths. You could be sitting in your backyard or lounge and continue to receive excellent signals from a long-range Wi-Fi router.

Place Your Router on a Higher Ground

For starters, do not put your Wi-Fi router on the ground. Consider placing it on a shelf or a table to get good signal strength.

Disconnect All Unnecessary Devices from Your Wi-Fi

Other than the times when there are guests in your house using Wi-Fi, you should only connect essential devices to your Wi-Fi network. Gadgets such as iPads and tablets are seen to consume internet bandwidth even when they are not active. Consider using Wi-Fi on your smartphone or TV if you plan to watch specials via the Spectrum Silver package.

Do Not Use Microwave While Using Wi-Fi

Due to their similar frequencies, microwaves can affect internet speed in homes. Consider switching off the microwave or not using it entirely during the time you are making important calls or completing priority tasks online.

Check for Updates on Your System

Oftentimes there are instances when updating the phone’s software gets the job done. You can check for updates on your smartphone or PC if you are facing trouble with your internet. Outdated applications and operating systems can cause smartphone devices and computers to slow down. Make sure you keep your smartphone OS up-to-date. Also, install antivirus software to prevent viruses and malware from attacking and slowing down your system.

Buy a New Internet Connection

Save yourself the trouble by upgrading to a better network service provider. Consider analyzing your home internet speed requirements before changing your internet package. The new internet connection may be costly, but it will be a huge save on headaches. You can take an online quiz to determine how much speed your home internet requires.

There are many internet service providers that are offering excellent bundles at competitive prices. With packages such as Spectrum WiFi plans you can get insane upload speeds in addition to awesome packages for your cable TV.

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