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An acclaimed anthropologist once referred to Culture as the ‘spontaneous outpouring of abstract sociological mores – continually modified and added to – that springs up around every human collective over time’. And after pondering over the converging domains of local & global cultures, we cannot help but agree with this assessment. Since culture is always in a state of flux, and never accepts constancy, it is worth being analyzed over. Individuals who willingly choose to remain ignorant of the cultural trends that continue to dominate the world around them inevitably invite their own misfortune, because they lose their sense of rootedness with the times (as well as the opportunities for excelling further that the world brings). Social critics, hailing from virtually every intellectual discipline, are normally charged with deliberating over culture within their societies – and it is mostly to them that we look for inspiration & guidance when traversing the different narratives of this overarching discipline. You can find many written compositions from such ‘specialists of the community’…right here!

ISP and Next-Gen Endpoint Security

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IT security innovation aims to stay one step ahead of hackers, malware technology, and other emerging digital threats. While the cybersecurity technology market is booming, so is the lucrative practice of stealing data and holding victims for ransom. This makes

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