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Is Coronavirus Changing Our Social Lives Completely?

Coronavirus and social life

Billions of people all over the world are practicing isolation or some form of social distancing in view of the current pandemic. The COVID-19 outbreak has infected millions of people across the globe, with tens of thousands dying as a result of it. Against this backdrop of fear, news (and fake news), and even denial, society is going through one of the most challenging instances of modern life. Already, the coronavirus pandemic has begun to have an impact on our social lives. This blog explores how many lifestyle changes are a direct result of the outbreak

An Increased Appetite for News

Now, more than ever, people are hungry for news. This is a natural reaction to something that is affecting people everywhere. The coronavirus has struck across racial, ethnic, national, income, class, and religious divides. The death toll mounts every day. So it’s no surprise that people want to learn as much as possible about the virus.

Most people get their news from broadcast channels on cable subscriptions like Spectrum TV plans, or through social media like Facebook. However, there is an unprecedented volume of fake and possibly dangerous news circulating on the internet. This has prompted more people to turn to the relative safety and certainty of conventional broadcast news.

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No Live Sports for Now

Another victim of the COVID19 outbreak has been live sports. Live sports broadcasts for decades have been the unifying interest between different generations. Many sporting events draw a bigger TV audience than any drama or sitcom. So it hits Americans pretty hard that their favorite sports leagues such as the NBA, NHL, NFL, and others have announced a suspension of live games.

At least until the pandemic is over. Of course, we shouldn’t forget the risks of coronavirus, and shouldn’t expect athletes, managers, support staff, and fans at risk just for our entertainment. Still, the loss of live sports entertainment is keen in these times. It would have been a welcome distraction.

Less Audio More Video

Audio streaming, especially in the United States has taken a huge hit since the pandemic broke out. The plunge of audio streaming is in part the result of major artists postponing album releases because tours and concerts are impossible. But another bigger reason is that people usually listen to music on-the-go. With most people staying indoors, there are fewer people streaming music. On the other hand, video streaming has seen more traffic in the weeks following the pandemic. This is because people would rather watch a music video than stream audio for more stimulation.

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More Online Games (and Streamers)

The internet offers many forms of entertainment, and online games are one of them. Most young people are spending more time playing games online on different platforms like PC, Xbox One, or PS4. It is just another fun way people are trying to kill time but it still has a massive audience. And gamers aren’t the only ones. Popular streaming services like Twitch are also seeing an upsurge in traffic on pro-gamer streams as well as casual streamers. After all, all you need to play most online games is a good platform and a reliable internet service like Charter Internet.

Board and Card Games Are Back

Of course, the internet isn’t the only way you can kill time. Board games have made a comeback following the shelter-in-place orders, especially in households with multiple people. Parents are looking for ways to entertain their children without them spending too much time online. Games like Monopoly, snakes and ladders, Risk, and even chess are a great way to spend time with family and have fun.

Card games are also back with a bang. Of course, you’re not likely to host a poker night in these times of social distancing. But you can still have fun with roommates or family with games like Cards Against Humanity. Many people are finding creative ways to play card games with more people using video call apps.

Education Has Moved to an Online Format

Most universities and schools are not holding regular classes anymore. Instead, they have shifted to an online format. Using tools like Zoom, teachers, and professors conduct online classes with students to help them stay on track when it comes to academics. However, this is facing more than a few bottlenecks.

For one thing, with multiple users in one household, it can be difficult to take online classes without disruptions. For another thing, many students do not have access to the internet at home. While programs like Spectrum free internet are helping subscribers in this time of crisis, more is needed to ensure education does not suffer. Especially those in low-income households.

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