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Famous Showbiz Scandals of 2018

Showbiz Scandals of

Who doesn’t love celebrity gossip? We all do. Every time we hear something new about Kardashians or Zayn Malik or Nick Jonas for that matter, we probe for more details. People across the globe follow Showbiz scandals on social media, newspapers, magazines, and on the web. Some scandals have made popular history since their beginning and their fame doesn’t seem to go away. 2018 has come with some vile, crazy, and unbelievable scandals. Believe it or not, and admit it or not, everyone enjoys the dirty laundry of celebrities. No wonder it’s the most read entertainment genre. While we are already in the middle of 2018, the train of scandalous news is never-ending. Expect to catch some amazing celebrity gossip this year.

There are already a few rumblings, which are hinting at the blazing volcanoes of scandals that are coming up. Some celebrity secrets are going to be revealed pretty soon and the floating rumors have us all attentive already. Let’s give you a glimpse of some of the most insane and awful scandals of the year 2018.

1. Kylie Jenner’s Pregnancy (Yes, Already)

We remember how hard it was for the world to accept Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy. The 21-year-old beauty entrepreneur and the star of Keeping Up with the Kardashians was reluctant to accept and announce her pregnancy. She even managed to avoid any photographers who could claim that they caught her pregnant-perfect photograph. She tried to avoid the news for a long time. And, interestingly now when Stormi is already here, rumors about her second pregnancy are everywhere. Her encounter with Travis Scott made headlines in the celebrity news but at that time, we considered it a rumor. Stormi Webster is only four months old and Kylie is showcasing her new loose and oversized wardrobe. This is further strengthening the rumors about her second pregnancy. She is probably harboring the baby bump underneath that oversized sweatshirt. Speculations are not ending. A tabloid insider even claims that she was not expecting to expect again so soon and is shocked with the positive result. Get ready to witness the younger sibling of Stormi!

2. Vanessa Trump and Donald Trump Jr.

Trump Junior, the president’s son reportedly met Aubrey O’Day, the singer, on the sets of his father’s reality show Celebrity Apprentice back in 2011. Being a celebrity blogger, I used to watch the reality show on my Spectrum TV as a must and I still remember it. Things started up between the two, as reported by the close sources. Multiple sources reported about their affair between 2011 and 2012. Until the wife, Vanessa finally found the emails now and the married couple, therefore, divorced in March 2018. They were together for 12 years. They recently claimed their respect for each other and their families. They also requested their due privacy in this time of separation with five beautiful children.

3. Harassment Assertions against Mariah Carey

The harassment accusations have gotten a little lost surprisingly because there is a whole lot of accusations about ugly behaviors against many celebrities and famous people. But, it’s time that the matter should get some serious attention. Mariah Carey, the pop diva has been accused of some intensely inappropriate behavior. And guess what? The lawsuit is filed by Michael Anello, her former security head. Anello claims that he has been called a Nazi, a KKK member, and a white supremacist. He also claims that she exposed herself indecently to him and failed to pay him for his security services. For now, the lawsuit has been paused and it is presumed that Carey is looking for a settlement.

4. Johnny Depp’s Addiction Issues  

It is evident that the famous actor Johnny Depp is going through a long and a public spiral for a good while now. The issues have even headed into the year 2018. Although Depp’s demeanor and appearance changed in public, he still managed to keep all the reasons for these changes private. But you know how media is, the stories are hard to cover over an extensive period of time. His violent side was further exposed when Amber Heard broke up with him. His accountant also exposed a staggering amount of dollars spent on alcohol. This made the picture evidently clear. The footage of his intensely violent rampage while being drunk cemented the obvious. It almost looks like a perfect instance of uncontrolled alcoholic behavior. His acting career and performance is also affected.

Hope you enjoyed our stories! Showbiz scandals have become an essential part of pop culture today. People from all generational groupings love them equally. Find out more about our stories online!

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