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What is HiMirror and How Does it Works?

Beauty Revolution

The moment you switch on your high-speed internet connection – the impossible-possible world appears. You must have come across some potential technology progressions! Heard of the latest face scanner that remarks on your skin condition?

Mirrors that talk back to you aren’t just for fairy tales!

The HiMirror Plus is the smartest mirror development that allows you to scan your face and help you detect the flaws. It’s where technology meets beauty. It scans red spots, wrinkles, fine lines, pores, and brightness levels.

This mirror is a harsh critic, but yes it’s technically your best friend as well. The main idea behind the close observation of the mirror is to highlight the beauty product changes you make and their effect on your skin. You’ll know exactly what’s working for you and what’s not!

Also, you can slowly watch yourself age! Which is fun (we believe!). Plus the mirror has a high rating criterion that judges your skin and perfection on a scale of 100 with 100.

Internet Revolution

The Difference between HiMirror and HiMirror Plus?

HiMirror, on the whole, uses the high-speed internet and has Alexa, Amazon’s voice-activated digital assistant, and a built-in camera embedded into its built.

HiMirror was launched at CES last year. The early summer of 2018 will showcase the larger versions of the smart mirror. Just like its predecessor, HiMirror Plus is the extended version, it is 13.3 by 9 inches. And like the older versions, it has LCD lights on each side of which can be adjusted and matched to the lighting condition you want to mimic.

On the whole, both models are similar to tablets.

HiMirrors allows you to pull out the “entertainment center” that features top news, trending makeup videos, music, and even weather forecast. You can scan the barcodes of your skincare and beauty products to track the expiry.

The voice-activated system is a natural fit for the smart mirror. You may ask for what you need, be it the time or weather, without having to put down your makeup brushes or change your current action. And the presence of Alexa makes it even smarter for Amazon, the beauty products can be re-ordered.

The major significant difference between the HiMirror Plus and the HiMirror Basic is the Plus’s light simulation. It can re-create five lighting scenarios, like a brightly lit office or grocery store, so you never look like a clown in your makeup. Unless that’s your look, which is cool, and these lights can ensure you achieve it.

The Plus can also store 14,000 photos, as opposed to 2,000, and it supports up to six different users.  Isn’t that another Snapchat of your smartphone?

The Best Feature of Internet-Connected HiMirror

What’s really nice about the HiMirror is that its designers recognized that you don’t want to scuff up your $259 purchase, so to control it, you can use either gesture or voice control. The mirror also protects your data by only unlocking the scan and data review mode when you’re looking at the camera. Although you can always cover the lens for safe measure.

The mirror also acts as a streaming device that doubles the online entertainment and is capable of playing music from Spotify or streams YouTube video. This feature is set up through the mirror’s companion app. I didn’t see it demoed.

Overall, the HiMirror Plus is a discerning critic for your bathroom that could make you way more paranoid about your skin, or maybe help you.

What Internet Speed Do You Need to Run HiMirror?

Your choice of high-speed internet service provider may determine the quality and speed of your internet connection. So whether you plan to go online for streaming videos, connecting with friends or loved one via video calls or chatting applications, you’ll need a good ISP.

In case of HiMirror or a similar app installed on your phone that functions primarily with the help of a strong connection, you’ll need to know what internet speed you need?

HiMirror Plus has two transmitting antennas and two receiving antennas (2X2), allowing it to move data at twice the speed with a more effective connection over longer distances. But a constant, reliable, and speedy connection can make your HiMirror do Plus more!

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