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The Metamorphosis of Showbiz in the Internet Age

Metamorphosis of Showbiz in the Internet Age

There was a time when ardent film-enthusiasts would eagerly wait for months on end to watch their favorite movie or TV-show titles premier on the big screen, and then subsequently line up for hours outside packed cinema halls and parking lots to witness these spectacles as they meticulously unfolded in front of their expectant consciences. The advent of the Internet Age completely transformed the publicizing prospects for the entertainment industry as a whole, with the result that now it is altogether difficult to imagine hosting any ‘fun’ (mirth-inducing) activity in which the use of the said virtual – and infinitely productive – medium is not involved. In the last century, Hollywood (helped along with its creative ‘co-conspirators’ in other parts of the world) managed to take the fancy of crazed motion-picture lovers everywhere by storm, and in doing so, engendered entire generations of devoted electronic media consumers whose thirst for more entertaining content only accentuated further with the passage of time.

As a fitting complement to the traditional disseminating outlets of the T.V, Print Media and the Radio, the Internet (with its zealous arrival on the entertainment scene in the late 1980’s) provided profiteering production houses with even newer avenues for popularizing their unique crafts – an endeavor which further culminated in the online media streaming revolution of which contemporary on-screen services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime are good archetypes. With the internet now catering to the bulk of practically every entertainment consumer’s demands, subscribing to a quality web service (that promises good, consistent speeds at affordable prices) has become a matter of priority for most people – and an issue which greatly dictates their budgeting considerations.

The Internet as an Entertainment Resource bar none

Nowadays, many individuals belonging to the worldwide millennial demographic are increasingly choosing to disconnect from their old familial TV sets and phone connections – since all of the informational services offered by these now-deemed ‘old world’ amenities can be easily availed through the Internet (and enjoyed along with an array of additional exiting features and service add-ons).

Popular online platforms like YouTube and Vimeo serve not only as nifty streaming solutions for watching almost every kind of video and audio file imaginable, but also as repositories of media content that may be stored and accessed from anywhere. These video streaming services also allow users to watch premium content (such as complete movie titles in high definition) in exchange for a small token-fee, as well as download some of the free media indexed within their sprawling data banks.

The shadier side of the internet (the area not fully regulated by media authorities) features a number of notorious P2P file-sharing platforms that allow users to share all kinds of pirated media content – from the latest movies, TV show episodes, chart-topping music albums, and video game files to electronic book bestsellers – for free; but these resource-rich avenues remain under the constant threat of government scrutiny, tracking, and subsequent legal prosecution. Today, from the convenience of any internet-enabled portable media device, one can access an entire range of informative and entertaining material with a literal ‘click of the button’ – and thereby evade the onslaught of boredom from ever taking hold.

The Saga of YouTube Stars

The internet, in addition to showcasing the entire guild of screen celebrities to the public, has also served as the recruiting ground for a newer breed of artists into the star-studded world of showbiz. Global music sensations such as Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen and Susan Boyle owe the current states of their ever-expanding media careers to YouTube – where they once set out to shock their fan base with an enthusiastic slew of their self-recorded online music videos (some of which happened to catch the attention of several music label owners like Usher).

And the rest, as we know it, is history! By current music industry estimates, a long line of former YouTube stars have consistently broken all previous sales records to become the most commercially successful performance acts in showbiz history – reaping in tens of millions of dollars through the combined revenues of their concert promotions, music video royalties, charitable outings and periodic TV appearances. Many younger and aspiring artists are cashing-in on this immensely profitable trend too, with young performers like Greyson Chance and Avery having achieved considerable local coverage in the press lately on account of their unique musical abilities.

Choosing an ISP that works for you…

As has already been alluded to above, it is imperative to avail the internet connection services of a decent ISP – for any successful attempt at exploiting the many stellar features of the World Wide Web (to its full potential) to be made. Without blazing data-transfer speeds (ranging from 10 Mbps and above), streaming HD video content from the internet becomes a significantly difficult and frustrating endeavor. The exercise of downloading content from websites over a lagging connection becomes a chore, and with time, a chronic headache. This is why it is considerably better to invest in a long-term solution (such as a high-speed internet plan from a reputable service provider like Spectrum) – so that these everyday woes related to the online user experience may be taken care of at the outset.

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