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Reasons to Choose Spectrum Internet Speeds – 100 Mbps of Consistency

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Majority of users only consider one measure of performance when it comes to their Internet connections and that’s speed. It’s easily relatable and understandable — if we have a 10 Mbps connection, it takes one second to download a 10 Mb file. On the other hand, 100 Mbps of download speed by spectrum Internet speeds boosts confidence!

Other metrics, such as bandwidth and latency, aren’t as well understood and, apparently, that’s a problem.

The Researchers at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana and Duke University say that solving network latency problems allow networking at the speed of light. And this is exactly the point where Spectrum Cable Company masters.

Theoretically, data should be transmitted across networks at nearly the speed of light, but in practice, that’s not the case. Although the list of internet service providers in the USA is huge, not every ISP can reach out to all areas.

Spectrum internet speeds provide internet coverage in 42 of the contiguous states of US, which means better service coverage. And this, however, is not the only reason why Spectrum internet plans are such a great deal.

You will find a good diversity in Spectrum internet deals; even the basic most offers consistency of speed. You can subscribe to the basic most (Of course the choice of the package depends on your need and usage) internet deal and expect to receive the same quality of the speed offered.

On top of consistency, you can enjoy Spectrum Internet speeds in most of the places; you can check the Spectrum Internet availability and then call to choose your choice of plan. For now, let’s give you reasons for choosing Spectrum internet services help you understand Latency:

Spectrum Internet Speeds The Speed of Light

All Spectrum Internet plans are available in both standalone and bundled formats. Even the basic most come equipped with over 60 Mbps in going data-transfer speeds. You can add Spectrum Internet Ultra to any of your internet package or a bundled deal and enjoy 100 Mbps of speed at any given time.

With such high speeds, performing most (if not all) online tasks becomes as easy as a proverbial ‘walk in the park’. Spectrum Internet also does not suffer from any sudden connection disconnects. With Spectrum Internet speeds, you can remain assured of a reliable, and consistently high speed, Internet service – which comes at a very affordable monthly pricing schedule.

While 100 Mbps might seem an additional benefit, the top reason to consider internet services by Spectrum is that of the same quality of internet speed provided – always and everywhere. You can always call (@ 1-866-200-7855) and inquire about or subscribe to a Spectrum internet deal, and leave tiresome Internet Speeds forever behind!

Understand Latency with Spectrum Internet Guide

Latency is actually pretty simple to understand: it’s the measure in milliseconds of how long it takes a packet of information to get from one place on a network to another. For example, we all understand the concept of the speed of sound — if someone fires a gun far away, we see the puff of smoke before we hear the bang. That’s latency.

As it relates to the Internet, we’re most familiar with latency in terms of hesitation in online gaming, or wireless speakers out of sync with streaming video. Latency doesn’t really matter for some online content — consider email, Internet of Things (IoT) sensor technology, and that old standby, looking at cat pictures.

In these examples, a slightly larger delay is more acceptable. For example, it doesn’t matter if it takes online video a few more seconds to reach your house so long as your connection speed allows for good playback once it does begin. But we even have a better way for you to understand this, read the details about online gaming and internet speed.

How’s Your Plan Compare?

If you’ve noticed slower gaming, video chat, or other latency-sensitive applications, you can run an online latency test to see how your current plan measures up. If you’re not satisfied, maybe it’s time you looked for a plan that’s better, cheaper—or both. And this is why you will need to call the US! Spectrum internet speeds love to serve you right!

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