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What is Spectrum Mobile? All You Need to Know

Spectrum Mobile

Spectrum mobile is the MVNO service by Charter Spectrum. It’s available in 2 plan options – By the Big that costs $14 per GB and the Unlimited plan that is priced $45 per month. You must be a current Spectrum Internet customer to subscribe to this service. It’s a wireless service that operates as an MVNO on the Verizon wireless network. The company isn’t constructing its own cell towers. It using Verizon’s towers with spectrum Wi-Fi hotspots around the country. What’s special about it? Spectrum is offering an unlimited plan at a price that’s very reasonable.

How Much Does Spectrum Mobile Cost?

The plans are priced between $14 and $45 per month. No provider has yet been able to beat these prices.

The service is available for Spectrum Internet customers only. New Spectrum Internet customers can also sign up if they have at least two lines under an account. You can add more lines too after a period of 30 days. The maximum lines that are allowed per account are 5.

Spectrum Mobile Plans

Mobile phone plans are a treat for all. You have the option of choosing a low-cost plan or the one with unlimited talk time and text.

No matter what plan you choose, you will get the following benefits:

  • Unlimited talk and text in the USA, Canada, Mexico
  • Access to 500,000 Spectrum Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Use the personal mobile hotspot
  • Global roaming up to 200+ countries
  • Ability to switch your plan (from Unlimited to By the Gig and vice versa)

Spectrum Mobile Plans

Now let’s dig into these plans:

  • By the Gig

This plan offers you the flexibility you need. You pay for the LTE data you use on your device at a low price of $14 per GB. So basically you are only paying for the data you use per month. Let’s say you used up to 3GB per month. You will be charged a $42.00 bill at the end of the month.

To stay within your monthly budget, you can monitor the data usage from the Spectrum app. If at some point, you decide to switch, you can always choose the unlimited plan anytime during your billing cycle.

  • Unlimited

It’s an unprecedented offer by Spectrum. For $45 per line, you get unlimited data. You can use your device as a mobile hotspot with no additional fees. Feel free to use this data for video streaming at 480p.

Make It a Family Plan

You can turn any of these plans into a family plan since you have the liberty to add up to 5 lines. Go ahead mix and match. It doesn’t have to be all By the Gig or Unlimited plan, it can be a combination of two under one account.

During the first 30 days, you will are limited to 2 lines only. After this requirement is met, you can add more lines.

Starting a family plan with By the Gig plan is the most reasonable option. Each line would get 1GB or more shared high-speed data at the rate of $14 per month per line. If the lines surpass the 1GB threshold collectively, another shared 1GB is automatically added for $14 per month but this time you are not charged per line. Now that’s affordable, right?

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Spectrum Mobile Network

We have already mentioned this earlier, Spectrum mobile runs on the most reliable 4G LTE network Verizon. Paying $45 for unlimited data from the top network in the country is a deal you wouldn’t want to miss.

If you know anyone who is a Verizon customer, you can ask them about the speed. You will probably get good reviews.

Who Can Sign Up for Spectrum Mobile?

You can only take advantage of this if you have signed up for one of Spectrum internet plans. New customers can also sign up if they have been with the company for less than 30 days, provided they must have 2 lines of wireless service.

What Are the Compatible Spectrum Mobile Phones?

You might have to buy a new phone. Wait, it’s not all bad news. You can also bring your own device but it has to be Spectrum compatible. Pick from the following options:

Buy a Spectrum Phone

Spectrum sells a number of phones – iPhone, Samsung, and LG. Can’t buy a device outright? No worries, avail the financing option through Spectrum’s 24-month installation plan. It’s a great deal if you want to lay on your hands on the latest handset like iPhone XR or Samsung Galaxy S10e.

Instead of buying a new device, you can also trade-in your device. For that, Spectrum mobile has a trade-in program. Most devices are accepted (HTC, LG, Google, Apple, and Samsung).

BYOD Plans

Initially, Spectrum only accepted iPhones in its BYOD plan. Now, they are accepting Android devices as well. Check out the list of all compatible devices:

iPhone Samsung Google
iPhone SE Samsung A10e Pixel
iPhone 6S Samsung A20 Pixel XL
iPhone 6S Plus Galaxy S8 Pixel 2
iPhone 7 Galaxy S8+ Pixel 2 XL
iPhone 7 Plus Galaxy S9 Pixel 3
iPhone 8 Galaxy S9+ Pixel 3 XL
iPhone 8 Plus Galaxy Note 9 Pixel 3a
iPhone X Galaxy Note 10 Pixel 3a XL
iPhone XS Max Galaxy Note 10+
iPhone XS Galaxy S10
iPhone XR Galaxy S10+
iPhone 11 Galaxy S10e
iPhone 11 Pro
iPhone 11 Pro Max

Spectrum Mobile FeaturesNot sure if your phone is compatible? Click here to check. Once you sign up, you will get a free SIM card for activating your phone line. And then you can start using the service.

Spectrum Mobile Features

After your service is activated, fasten your seat belt to enjoy these benefits:

  • Mobile hotspot

You are allowed to use a mobile hotspot. Normal data rates apply to mobile hotspot data usage.

  • Best speed

As you get access to thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the country for free, you will enjoy the fastest speed.

  • Video streaming

Both plans support DVD quality streaming.

  • Top-notch customer service 

There are two ways to contact them. Either find a Spectrum mobile store near you or call Spectrum customer service at 1-866-200-7855 for inquires.

What Do Customers Think About A Mobile Plan Like This?

Customers are now open to wireless contracts offered by their cable providers. A study from Barclay revealed that 40 percent of the respondents said they would consider switching from the wireless service offered by their mobile carrier to their cable provider.

Why you ask? 63 percent of the respondent said the primary reason is affordable prices. 44 percent of the respondents who wouldn’t switch said they would reconsider it if this could lower their wireless. Spectrum says its mobile customers can save up to 40 percent on their mobile bill. Now, this is an attractive option indeed!

Spectrum mobile is a smart network designed for the way people use their mobile devices today and the way they will use them tomorrow.


What network does Spectrum mobile use?

It uses Verizon’s wireless network for providing wireless service to its subscribers.

What towers does Spectrum mobile use?

It doesn’t have its own towers instead, it uses the nationwide network of Wi-Fi hotspots to enhance the network.

How does Spectrum mobile work?

It’s an MVNO (Mobile virtual network operator) that has partnered with Verizon to offer unlimited access to the LTE network.

Can you bring your own phone to Spectrum mobile?

Yes, you can bring your own phone. Most iPhone, Samsung, and Google devices are accepted.

Does Spectrum mobile use Verizon towers?

Yes, it uses Verizon towers and relies on its network of Wi-Fi hotspots to provide connectivity to its users.

How much does Spectrum mobile really cost?

The basic plan (By the Gig) costs $14 per GB whereas the unlimited plan costs $45.

Does Spectrum mobile offer Wi-Fi calling?

Yes, Wi-Fi calling is included in all plans without any extra charges.
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