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Spectrum Relaunching Its 60-Days Free Internet Offer

Charter relaunch free internet offer

9.21.2020 – Leading internet service provider Charter Spectrum today announced that it would be relaunching its extremely popular Remote Education Offer. The program offers free internet service and WiFi access for up to 60 days to qualifying families. The relaunch is part of the provider’s efforts to help ensure educational continuity in remote learning, especially for students without ready access to high-speed broadband internet. The Remote Education offer is available for all new customers in Spectrum markets with a kid enrolled in a K-12 program or college, as well as educators. Check this page to get your Spectrum internet plan today. Read on for more information.

Why Is The Provider Offering Free Internet Access?

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a massive global disruption and has hit the United States particularly severely. Amid industry-wide shutdowns and an economic slowdown, universities have also opted to forego in-person classes with an online distance learning format. This means that students now rely more than ever on dependable and affordable internet access in order to continue learning. The Remote Education Offer largely aims to cater to students in the provider’s markets who lack access to this essential utility.

Of course, this isn’t the first step the provider has taken towards expanding internet accessibility. Programs like Spectrum Internet Assist have been geared towards the related objective of reducing inequity when it comes to high-speed internet access for learning. Not every student belongs to a household that can afford a blazing-fast 1,000 Mbps connection. Many low-income households place a broadband service way down on their list of priorities. However, since schools increasingly encourage students to use the internet to research, study, do their homework, give quizzes, and even attend remote classes, students from low-income or income-assisted households stand at a disadvantage. That is why the Remote Education Offer is only available to qualifying households and customers.

What Households Qualify For Free Internet Access?

The ongoing pandemic has greatly increased how much households rely on the internet. Whereas home internet had more of an entertainment-centric or social connectivity purpose, the situation has changed. Now households have members working from home and learning from a distance, putting a lot more strain on their internet consumption habits. For families that already struggle to pay bills, a hefty internet service bill can be a major problem. That is why the provider is relaunching its widely popular free internet access for income-assisted households. Here are the criteria you need to meet to qualify for the program:

  • Must be in a Spectrum market.
  • Must not be already subscribed to Spectrum internet.
  • Must have at least one child enrolled in a K-12 program or college.

 What Does The Remote Education Offer Include?

The Remote Education Offer is geared towards offering households sufficient bandwidth to meet their increased internet consumption. The offer currently includes speeds of up to 200 Mbps in some markets. It also includes 60 days of free home Wi-Fi access at no extra cost. Send a simple Spectrum service request that should be sufficient to get you a self-install kit ASAP. Of course, you can also opt for a professional install, but given the current circumstances, technicians may not enter your home. Instead, they will offer you directions from outside. If you belong to a qualifying household, you should look into taking advantage of the Remote Education Offer right away.

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