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Transforming Culture with Showbiz – A Sociological Analysis

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Culture comprises the sum repository of all the traditional (inherited) and currently-practiced customary mores that together characterize the sociological behavior of individuals living within a particular geographic setting. This ‘culture’ can be both local (confined within territorial boundaries) and transcendental (in the mundane sense, and traversing through national/ethnic confines), and has a decisive impact on the many ways in which people interact with each other and make sense of the world around them. On a related front, culture can also be thought of as a semiotic system of signs (constituted of the ‘signifier & signified’ dynamic); proficiency in the diverse metaphors & idioms of which allows for the establishment of a common framework of ‘meaning’ that enables deeper forms of communication and understanding. To come to grips with the latest developments in the study of the said dynamic sociological phenomenon, nothing compares with the internet (made available through the medium of reputable ISPs like Spectrum Internet provider) in its ability to impart a comprehensive degree of cognizance to the end-user with regard to this pressing subject.

Addressing Television as a Prominent Definer of Culture

Since culture is continually-assimilating (in terms of adopting newer practices, and on occasion, letting go of the older ones), and is always in a state of flux, it requires a thorough analysis of its knowledge/production bases (epistemological input) in order to be made sense of. In the modern world, there exists perhaps no greater technological implement other than the television (and, by extension, the Internet) that may be adequately charged with bringing about the periodic transformation of culture on a consistent basis. In a global community where the democratic culture reigns supreme (in virtually every aspect of living and societal organization), the electronic media (with television serving as its de facto new-age vanguard) seeks to subtly control the masses by influencing their demands, preferences & perceptions. In order to read more on this topic, you can log onto the Internet today to access a wealth of informational resources on the cultural discipline of mind-control, as well as the power-relations endemic within all contemporary and prehistoric social setups.

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On Chomsky’s ‘Propaganda Model’ of Thought Control

When considered on a holistic level, several academic authorities (including the acclaimed MIT Linguist, Noam Chomsky) have not shied away from labelling this teleological drive of the said information-disseminating channel as being akin to systematic mind-control – in a manner comparable to Allied, Nazi and Soviet Propaganda tactics deployed regularly both during & after the tumultuous World Wars period. According to the Chomskian thesis, the gradual decline of monarchical rule following the post-enlightenment age, and the subsequent entrenchment of political republicanism as the ‘most just & equitable’ form of social planning and development, collectively meant that there existed a dearth of centralized leadership that could alternatively direct the affairs of the state. In such an emerging scenario (something that had long ago been foreseen as the inevitable predicament of democratic rule by thinkers as diverse & prolific as Plato and St. Augustine; in ancient Greece and medieval Rome respectively), there was felt the need for a coordinating mechanism that would be able to lead the people without invoking their suspicion. With a high-speed internet subscription, the many published works of Chomsky and other critical thinkers – hailing from both the American and Continental philosophical pools – can be easily downloaded and perused at one’s leisure.

What Needs to be Commended…

As per the understanding of the aforementioned cultural critic, adhering to such insidious practices (as in the case of using the electronic media to minutely control the aspirations of the masses) was thought to be a fitting alternative that corresponded well (in its efficacy) with the historical exercise of forcing people to conform through brute force. Culture (mediated through the devices of pop-culture) has a singularly hypnotic and subliminal influence on the minds of the people that happen to dwell within its scope of influence, and seeks to inform their acceptances & prejudices as they pertain to different life issues. In the United States (and probably across the globe), perhaps no other onscreen platform can compete with Hollywood in terms of its constant attempts at modifying and adding to the cultural edifice. The use of popular film trilogies and TV Shows to address such discriminatory societal issues as racism, sexism, and slavery (among other pressing communal maladies of the day) can be regarded as one of the more positive implications of this experiential media-control doctrine. With the use of a reliable Internet connection, many more such commendable correlations between media-influence and societal advancement can be unearthed by the astute critic.

…and Rectified

On the negative front, the continuation of the trend of Orientalizing the other cultures of the east (as well as maintaining double-standards with regard to virtually all social traditions that run parallel to the Anglo-American cultural framework) still remains a conspicuous feature of all – predominantly western -media productions. Rather than attempting to free people from the colonial (master-slave/white-black/European-African/Civilized-Heathen) appendages of the past, what these popular motion-pictures and their inspiring literary troves are cleverly attempting to do is to shackle select groups of people even further within these intellectual categories of control & systemic confinement.

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