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What’s Trending in Pop Culture Today

What's Trending in Pop Culture Today

2017 laid quite the base for pop culture 2018. From the build-up to the royal wedding to highly anticipated movie releases, 2018 has been a roller coaster ride. Some emerging trends were predicted in 2017, others have just sprung up spontaneously. For better or for worse, this blog focuses on some of the most recognizable trends in pop culture today.

What’s Trending in Pop Culture 2018

There are a number of trends that are shaping pop culture today. The most noticeable theme is a retro throwback to the late 80’s and early 90’s. Elements from these eras are present in fashion, accessories, and lifestyle. That’s not to say that 2018 isn’t adding its unique spin to these trends. Let’s have a look at some of the most exciting trends that make up pop culture 2018:

DBZ-themed Apparel

Dragon Ball Z fans are going crazy for the Carnival collaboration with DBZ creator Akira Toriyama. The Thai retailer has worked in close partnership with the anime genius to create a mix of items and apparel. Targeted at millennials, people are rushing to get aboard one of the most popular pop culture trends this year. Don’t be surprised if you encounter people on the street sporting characters from your favorite childhood anime and manga.

Anime-themed Sneakers

Anime reminiscence doesn’t stop with apparel. Adidas and DBZ join forces for the second time to create the Prophere sneakers. Color is the main distinctive feature, themed in accordance to individual DBZ characters. For any discerning DBZ fan, these sneakers are the ultimate pop culture 2018 statement.

“No Filter” Sagmeister & Walsh Merchandise

After the success of its anti-Trump merchandise back in 2016, Sagmeister & Walsh is back with a quirky take on feminine pop culture today. Titled ‘Sorry, I have no filter’, the capsule is aimed at the younger generation with the pop lingo, swear words and symbols of empowerment. It is a fierce trend that focuses on giving women an avenue to make a statement in the streets.

YouTube Music

Move over Spotify, there’s a new music streaming service in town. People have been using YouTube as a roundabout way to listen to music for a while. Mostly, they don’t want to view the accompanying video. Google’s YouTube music is a new platform that is being positioned as a premier streaming service. With both free (ad-supported) and paid (ad-free) subscriptions, the service is set to take over listeners globally. With a subscription fee slated to start from $9.99 per month, this is set to be one of the best pop culture trends in 2018.

Pal Music Player

Keeping in step with the retro influence on pop culture today, Pal music players are an interesting concept. It is basically a modern interpretation of the Walkman or other portable cassette players from our younger years. Pal mp3 music players come with cassette-inspired cartridges that you can load your music on and listen to on-the-go. It also supports Bluetooth connectivity and is a perfect example of modern technology with nostalgic value.

Marxist Comic Books

The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels has long held its place in philosophy and political theory. But by modern standards, it’s a bit too dense for the general populace. Self Made Hero is a publishing house that recruited illustrator Mark Rowson to breathe life into the treatise. The result is a graphic novel that encapsulates the world-changing words. It relies on the original text and adds only illustrations to add deeper meaning to the words. From an academic standpoint, this is one trend you can get behind wholeheartedly.

Superhero-Inspired Biker Helmets

The RPHA 70 ST Black Panther Helmet is the perfect way to show off your inner comic book geek. And you get to do it while looking badass on your bike. This piece of protective equipment allows motorcyclists to stay safe while displaying the T’Challas iconic Black Panther visuals. The Marvel approved helmet features a lightweight but strong carbon fiber structure as well as adjustable ventilation accents. It’s a must-have for comic book fans everywhere.

Celebrating the Greats

Sean John marks its 20th anniversary with a celebration of the greatest musicians in history. The Gallery Collection features greats in the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Marvin Gaye, The Notorious B.I.G., Aaliyah and Chaka Khan. The collection consists of clean, white tees featuring portraits of music greats at the front. It features Sean John branding on the sleeves and back collar. Shirts can be found at Macy’s for around $39 USD each.

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