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Spectrum TV Select Package and Channel Lineup

Enjoy TV Anywhere

Starting at
$ 44
99 /mo

for first 12 months

You get to watch:
  • Over 125 channels
  • Thousands of On Demand choices, including FREE primetime on demand
  • Subscription required for premium channels
  • TV app included

No contract required.

Good News!Spectrum will pay up to $500 in early termination fees

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Spectrum TV™ Select

Starting at$4499

each for 12 mos when bundled*

  • Over 125 channels
  • ESPN, Discovery, CNN, TLC, HGTV, MTV & more
  • Thousands of On Demand choices, including FREE primetime on demand
  • App included
  • No contract required

TV SELECT + Spectrum Internet™

Starting at$8998

each for 12 mos when bundled*

  • 125+ channels - including ESPN, Discovery, CNN, TLC, HGTV, MTV & more
  • 10,000+ On Demand Movies/TV Shows (including 5000 FREE choices)
  • Spectrum TV™ app included
  • Subscription required for premium channels & DVR service
  • Starting at 100 Mbps download speed with NO data caps
  • Free modem
  • No contract required

Spectrum Triple Play SELECT

Starting at$10297

each for 12 mos when bundled*

  • 125+ Channels - including ESPN, Discovery, CNN, TLC, HGTV, MTV & more
  • Thousands of On Demand choices, including FREE primetime on demand
  • Spectrum TV™ app included
  • Starting at 100 Mbps download speed with NO data caps
  • Unlimited local, nationwide & international calling coverage
  • Free modem
  • No contract required

Spectrum TV Select at Affordable Prices

Access a Wide Range of Entertainment at Affordable Prices

Not every household has the same entertainment requirements. This is because every family differs when it comes to age, interests, ethnicity, and other factors. Therefore, there is no one size fits all solution for all families. The Spectrum Select package channel list caters to these diverse requirements and has over 125 channels suitable for a diverse set of people. It even gives you access to HD and on-demand channels, with top-notch networks on board. So, whether you like to watch sports or want to keep up with the latest comedies on air, you’ll be spoilt for choice! The best part is that all of these channels come at highly affordable prices with Spectrum TV Select. This is the foundation package for your TV viewing experience and will define your family entertainment in a great way at highly attractive rates. You can even watch your favorite channels on your smart devices with the same package, giving you an all-around positive experience. So, subscribing to this package is one of the best things you can do for your family entertainment needs.
Don’t Miss Out on Anything with TV Select

Don’t Miss Out on Anything

Isn’t it annoying when you can’t catch your favorite shows on time? Well, with the Spectrum Select package, you won’t have to anymore! It comes with a DVR service, which allows you to record or store content to watch later. You can even configure it to record specific programs and series. This way, you won’t have to worry about catching the shows right on time if you want to watch them properly. This service is specifically made for digital content, so it is quite different from the average top box recorder. You’ll get a separate DVR box, which records and stores the content you need. Along with the recording, you’ll have an ample storage limit, so you can watch your recorded content at your own pace, without any time crunches to bother you. Therefore, if you and your family disagree on whether to watch that tennis match or your favorite game show, you can do both with your DVR service.
Spectrum TV Select channel list

A Diverse Lineup of Well-Curated Channels for You & Your Family

The Spectrum TV Select channels are carefully chosen to give you and your family the best TV viewing experience possible. These channels cater to a diverse set of preferences, from exciting reality TV channels to informative scientific ones, and everything in between. The provider has made sure they’ve offered something for all age groups, so your children will get to watch their favorite cartoons, and you can watch the latest international news on the same subscription. This package has one of the best channel lineups you’ll see around, with local and regional channels galore. Therefore, you’ll be up to date on everything you want to watch in the American TV industry. You won’t be bored if you subscribe to this package, especially when you see the amazing lineup/ The Spectrum TV Select price is well worth the facilities you get. This plan caters to a wide variety of choices, both local and regional. Here are the channels you’ll get with this plan:
Enjoy Spectrum TV anywhere

Stay Entertained on All Your Devices

With conventional TV options, you can only allocate one box to one screen. If you want to view the same content on other devices, you have to either use splitters or get more top boxes for each screen. However, Spectrum TV Select eliminates all this hassle through its TV app. This app lets you view the content you want on all your smart devices as well. This includes the channels you watch on your TV, as well as on-demand content. This app is quite well-designed and easy to use, so you won’t be confused when you open it. It comes complete with an interactive TV guide so that you can take a look at everything that’s available for you, and access it easily. Furthermore, it works well for multiple devices, whether you try to open it on your phone, laptop, or tablet. You can even watch what you want on your gaming consoles, as long as you have the app installed and have registered on it. You just have to log in to your account using your credentials, and you’ll have a whole world of content open to you on all your devices.
Spectrum on demand channels

Watch What You Want On-Demand

One of the best aspects of the Spectrum Select package is the access you’ll get to on-demand television. After all, you’ve all been there, stuck in a channel surfing loop. You may just go through all the channels you want because you’re spilt for choice, and still not really find anything you’re in the mood to watch. This is where on-demand TV comes in. The provider has a massive library of on-demand titles, with both TV shows and movies available. You can find some great content in this library, with over 60,000 titles to go through. These titles include a wide range of popular and cult classic TV shows, movies, and even music albums. This helps you get all the benefits of a streaming service, without having to pay extra for such services. You get this content with your package and can access it whenever you want. This unrivaled convenience lets you enjoy the best entertainment experience possible, without any extra cost to your subscription. You just need to browse through or search these on-demand titles, pick what you want to watch, sit back, and relax.
Spectrum TV with bundles

Get More Out of Your Subscription Through Bundled Services

While the Spectrum TV Select price is already quite reasonable, you can add more convenience to your life if you bundle it with internet and/or phone services. This will help you get all these services easily, and also avoid having to deal with separate bills and accounts. The Triple Play bundles the provider offers are extremely popular, and come in a wide range, with channel lineups and internet speeds changing accordingly. The best part is, even if you change your mind about these bundles, later on, there are no restrictive contracts to deal with. You can opt for these packages and upgrade them whenever you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Spectrum TV Select?

It is the basic TV package offered by Spectrum. It has over 125 channels, with a wide range of local and regional ones suitable for varied preferences.

How much is Spectrum TV Select?

Spectrum TV Select will cost you $44.99 for the first 12 months*. Its rate remains the same when bundled in a Double Play or Triple Play package.

What channels are included in Spectrum TV Select?

This package comes with over 125 channels, such as CNN, Discovery, ESPN, HGTV, and many others. View the entire channel lineup at (link), which shows you the complete lineup according to your area availability.

How much is Spectrum TV Select after 12 months?

Your package price increase after the initial 12 months depends on what you’ve subscribed to, and the services you want to get. You can upgrade your package at any point and will be charged accordingly.