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5 Products That Have Gone Viral – Best Holiday Gadgets

Best Holiday GadgetsBest Holiday Gadgets

2017 holidays should be exciting and boasted with a unique experience. Especially with so much of tech world, how about some amazing tech products? Treat yourself; ease up some tasks, enjoy the late night drives without eye strain, take the perfect selfies with no hand twisting – all-in-all let technology pamper you for once!

Or maybe, your family needs some amazing gifts this Christmas!

We have compiled a list of 5 top-notch technology developments of some awesome minds. These products have gone viral and are still going viral on the internet like crazy – from the moment of their launch. Read below for your best pick:

1. Obsessed with Selfies? Try This Camera Drone

Selfies are all there is to rage, but then they are not easy to take. When you need the perfect selfie portraying you on a social media platform, the captured picture should be worth sharing! From the twist of hand in an inappropriate angle to the uncomfortable claw, capturing all that you want in the perfect way is not so easy!

Best Holiday Gadgets - Air Selfie Drone

The most-in-demand and viral product, a.k.a. Selfie King, an innovative gadget that does the complete legwork for you is the Air Selfie Drone.

What’s Makes Drone Camera Great? – You won’t have to crop anything or anyone! All you have to do is to simply sync the device with your smartphone and steer it at the perfect picture angle. The Air Selfie drone is capable of ascending in the air to about 30 feet, which mean stunning aerial, group, and landscape shots.

The drone has a 5 MP camera, anti-vibration shock absorber, and video with the streaming ability of 1080 pixels at 30 frames/second. Moreover, it fits perfectly in every pocket! Capture those special moments perfectly this holiday!

2. See Better with Night Sight Driving Glasses

Did you know, most car accidents take place at night and before dawn? The reasons and causes of these unfortunate mishaps on road have a lot to do with vision and glare problems. That’s one reason why these glasses are being sold on truckload basis!


What’s Makes Night Sight Glasses Great? Night Sight HD is the technology used in these glasses that reduces eye strain and night drive glare. You will see better and clearer even in snow and rain. The technology enables you to see enhanced colors, glasses are lightweight and has polarized lenses.

Your eyes will be protected from sides. You can slide these glare lenses over your existing prescription lenses. So whether it’s about reading, driving, or playing golf, you will love how you see things!

 3. Let Your Smartphone be Transformed into a Driving Display with Huddy

A gadget that has taken the online buying sites on the storm is another drive facilitating product. From the day of launch to this day onward, drivers have been buying this product like crazy. This amazing device turns your smartphone into a heads-up display for the car. Huddy makes driving better!

Best Holiday Gadgets - Huddy

What’s Makes Huddy Great? – You have to simply place Huddy in front of a smartphone on the dashboard, sync it and let it do all the navigation. It’s a transparent display that works for any time frame and weather.

No matter what smartphone you have, Huddy will fit perfectly with your phone. It won’t slip off or fall since it’s built slip resistant. You can use it any sort of car and it won’t even leave any residue on the dash.

4. Fixd – Doctor for Your Car

You must have visited the auto repair shops quite often? The reason may have been the oil change, but the mechanic must have asked you to get a new transmission. Or, maybe the engine check light came up all of a sudden, and mechanic approached you with a list of expensive engine parts to get replaced. This is a routine that mechanics follow, but do you lack the knowledge about car maintenance?

Best Holiday Gadgets - Fixd

The technically great minds around us are on-the-go for creating something to help us out –with everything! Another awesome technological advancement in similar regards is Fixd.

What Makes Fixd Great?Fixd is the new device built to detect the cause of a broken car! Wow, right? It works with any car that is created since 1996. So anytime the “Check Engine Light” comes up, you will know what to do, without the mechanic lying!

Fixd has crossed $50,000,000 sales until now! Can you think of a product that could go more viral than this?

5. TrackR Bravo – Forgetting is Fun now!

If you have the habit of forgetting about things and then it becomes even more impossible to locate the item – you this tracking device. TrackR is a coin size device that helps you locate a product and makes it fun. You can lose an item 20,000 times and still keep the hope alive of finding it again.

Best Holiday Gadgets - TrackR Bravo

What Makes TrackR Great? – What can be better than not having to worry about the placed product? The TrackR app enlists a network of 20,000 TrackR users for locating your lost item. It displays the distance of you from the product, it then sounds an alarm to help you pinpoint the exact location.

If you somehow find yourself at another location and your lost item at another, the TRackR users become notified and when you pass the circle of the missing item, you get an update. Since TrackR is an app, you will receive notifications and updates on your phone.

So in-case you can’t find your phone, you can use TrackR to call your phone, even in silent mode, it will ring. TrcakR is designed for you to keep your stuff…want a loved one to feel important – order it today to gift it for Christmas.

And since you know that some of these products function only through a high-speed internet connection, moreover you need one to order online – get in touch with us Today and find the best holiday internet deals for yourself!

We can see these being are the most purchased gifts for the upcoming Holidays, so check it out while they are still available.

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