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Best 7 Top TV Remote Apps for iPhone and Android

TV remote apps

How many times has your TV remote gone missing? The general assumption is that you do so a couple of times every day. And then you try looking for it in LITERALLY every corner of the house. Isn’t that a true story? You even end up picking fights with your siblings over a remote. Or just wait till your mom struggles hard to remember where she left it. Well TV remote apps make it easier for you to swap channels and operate your TV even without having the remote.

Let’s dig a little deep into the details.

What Is a TV Remote App?

As the name suggests, a remote app is an app that you can install on your smartphone. It will function just like a remote at times when you do not have access to your TV remote. However, you need to know that not every smartphone supports this feature. Your mobile should have an IR blaster for this feature to work. In case it does, you can download a TV Remote app and start using your mobile as a remote.

However, there is another way to go about it as well. Today’s Smart TVs also have manufacturer apps. For instance, if you purchase a Samsung Smart TV, you will get access to an app via the company. These apps can turn your mobile into a remote as well. In case, you do not fall into the above two categories; you can always invest in hardware. You can opt for devices like display adapters that turn Spectrum wireless phone into a remote.

The focus of this blog, however, is to educate you about some of the best apps that you can download on iOS or Android.

TV Remote Apps for iPhone

1. AnyMote

This is a versatile app that allows you to control several devices, not just the TV alone. These devices include a set-top box, audio system, media player, and even air conditioner. A notable feature of this app would be that it enables you to create commands for the different devices that you wish to link it to. Which means that it becomes easy for you to control the devices. Not only this, but you can also set commands for a specific time of the day. The app will act accordingly. For example, if you relish watching a season in the evening or at night, you can set a command for that on the app.

Download: AnyMote

2. Apple TV Remote

You can download the Apple TV app if you happen to have an Apple TV. Quite fancy and expensive. But yeah all those who own this pricey TV, you can make use of the app on your iPad and your iPhones. Setting up this app on any of your Apple devices is simple. You do not have to get into a lot of complexities to do so. The good part is that it even works with Siri. So, you can command the app to do things for you like looking for Spectrum TV packages, for example. That is if you connect the TV to the Internet.

Download: Apple TV Remote

3. RemoteMaster

RemoteMaster is also a good option for all those who find it hard to keep a separate remote for individual devices. This app gives you support for as many as 6,000 brands. Apart from that, it covers over 200,000 devices. So, the chances that you would not be able to control a device in your house using this app are rare. You can use it to control 14 types of different devices. This even includes your fans, lights, and projector.

These were some of the best TV Remote Apps for the iPhone. While many apps work best for both iOS and Android, some apps are best suited for Android.

Download: RemoteMaster

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TV Remote Apps for Android

4. Dijit Universal

It is a universal remote app that allows you to control your TV as well as your players. Some of the noteworthy features of this app include the custom menu and the program guide that you get for your favorite shows. It requires the Griffin Beacon to function. It has real functionality and is capable of replacing your remotes for every device.

5. Smart

Among the many TV Remote apps, this has unique hardware and has multi-platform support. In fact, the app comes with the largest collection of control codes among all the other apps.

6. Unified Remote

This app is capable of blowing your mind away with its features. You can turn not only your Android but your Windows phone into a remote as well using this app. However, this app is best suited for your use if you make use of a PC. It controls quite a lot of applications on your PC. This means that you can even use it to find about the Cable TV apps, for instance using the Internet on your PC.

Download: Unified Remote

7. Roomies Remote

Among the many out there, this one is its kind app. It comes with not just IR but IP support as well. It is fully functional. And it is worth all the money that you spend purchasing it.

Download: Roomies Remote

Summing Up

You will have to purchase a new remote for your TV in case you lose it. And you should. Because it is not always convenient to make use of the apps on your mobile. Remember, these TVRemote apps for Android are a temporary solution. There are many times when you will receive a call, or your kid would need your mobile to play games on. Therefore, a long term solution would be to buy a separate TV remote.  If you are a Spectrum subscriber, call Spectrum Cable Customer service number for help. They will guide you with operating it.

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