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What Channel is ABC on Spectrum?

ABC on spectrum

ABC programming plays some of the most captivating shows available today. But it’s not just a network for adults, the whole family can enjoy. If you have kids, ABC on Spectrum offers some popular choices. Popular kid’s choices include Peppa Pig and Arthur.

Since ABC is a cable TV network rather than satellite TV, the channel number it is available on may differ. Based on your location, your local cable service provider would have pre-set channel lists for ABC. You can search for the channel number by searching for ‘ABC on Charter channel’ followed by the name of the city you are in. If the search offers irrelevant results for your city, then you can search by state.

The American Broadcasting Company (ABC) is part of The Walt Disney Company. ABC launched as a radio company in 1943. By 1948 it expanded its operations to include television. Later, in the 1980s, ABC purchased 80 percent of ESPN. It was only by 1996 that Disney bought ABC and ESPN went with it. ABC also uses cable providers like Spectrum TV to offer its programming to viewers.

Where Can I Find ABC on Charter Spectrum?

You know that the ABC network is available on different channels in different locations. But that does not affect the shows or the program times. You will still be able to watch your favorite shows like The Middle, at the same time as always.

Here are the channel numbers where you can watch ABC Channel on Spectrum:

City Channel # City Channel #
Raleigh, NC 9 Orlando, FL 7
Charlotte, NC 4 Daytona Beach, FL 9/1090
Louisville, KY 4 Melbourne, FL 7/1090
Milwaukee, WI 12 Denton, TX 8
Cleveland, OH 5/1005 Columbus, TX 13
Canton 5 Austin, TX 5
Akron, OH 5 California City, CL 7/707
Tampa-St, OH 11/1011 Albertville, AL 9/709
Petersburg, FL 11/1011 Milwaukee, WI 5

The given channel lineup is based on national estimates. It may vary by location.

If you are a subscriber of Spectrum TV in Connecticut, California, or Florida, you can use this table above to find out which Spectrum channel is the broadcasting ABC network. If you are located in a different state than the ones mentioned above, don’t worry. You can just search accordingly to get access to your favorite shows.

The Most Popular Shows on ABC

The ABC channel guide is chalked full of entertainment. It even airs Americas Funniest Home Videos, if you are in the mood for some laughs. ABC offers something for every pallet.

Here are some of the most popular shows on AMC today:

  • Pretty Little Liars: Pretty Little Liars is an all-American teen drama mystery series. The acclaimed series follows the lives of 4 high school friends. If the show has captivated you like it has many others, you can also watch reruns on Fox 8.
  • Make it or Break It: Make it or Break It is a family comedy-drama series centered on gymnasts. The show focuses on the lives of 3 gymnasts who are training at one of the best gyms in the country. The show is a captivating insight into the lives and trouble of professional athletes.
  • The Middle: The Middle is an American sitcom about the daily struggles of a middle-class family in Indiana. The show enjoys a dedicated following, so if you miss out on the scheduled airing, you can always catch it on HBO as well.
  • Bunheads: Bunheads is a comedy-drama series about a Las Vegas showgirl, Michelle Simms. She was a former ballerina who fell from grace and wound up in casino central. If you’ve missed you can always binge right in on ABC.
  • The Fosters: The Fosters is an American family drama series. The show follows the lives of the Foster family members. The modern American family. A lesbian couple who are raising 5 children together in California, only one of whom is biologically theirs.

If you haven’t found the spectrum channel for the ABC network in your state, on this blog, you can call customer service. They will be able to give you all the channel numbers for all your favorite networks.

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