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What Channel is AMC on Spectrum?

AMC on Spectrum

Who doesn’t like watching classic movies? AMC on Spectrum is among the most-watched networks of all time for its classic film collection.

What Can You Watch on AMC?

As the name implies, AMC is the flagship property of AMC Networks. Its primary programming consists of theatrically released films and some original programming. Originally, the channel was created to broadcast classics hence the name American Movie Classics but its programming shifted after 2002.

AMC channel is also available to cord-cutters which just like channels such as BBC America, We TV, IFC, and Sundance TV. To watch AMC on your Spectrum TV plans, find the channel guide below:

Channel Culver City, Hollywood Central Florida, Orlando Los Angeles, California
AMC 46 48 77

AMC’s Change of Format

After focusing on classic movies, AMC expanded and started broadcasting movies from all eras. Its logo was improved too. The company also planned on launching AMC’s Hollywood classics, a spin-off digital cable channel. It was a commercial-free channel airing black and white classics from the 1930s to the 1950s. However, the channel never debuted.

After huge success in the United States, the network expanded in Canada. In 2007, its original drama series named Mad Men debuted. The show was applauded by the audience and it won 16 Primetime Emmy Awards. Then, in 2008, Breaking Bad premiered and it also won several Emmy awards.

Holiday Season Movie Lineup

AMC aired a rotating lineup of 5 -6 Christmas movies for the holiday season. It was branded by the name Best Christmas Ever that runs from 26th November to 25 December. You can expect to watch family Christmas movies such as The Polar Express, Elf and a number of other movies from DreamWorks Animation.

Famous Series on AMC of all Times

If you have AMC on Spectrum, you would definitely wish to learn about the must-watch TV Series. Here’s what you must get started with:

Mad Men

It’s one of the greatest shows of all time. This show does not deal with doctors, lawyers or cops.  There are no drugs or a mafia don involved either. It is about a bunch of people who work together in an office. The story is brilliantly written. Don Draper, the alpha male struggles to stay on top of the ad business. You will have to watch the show to appreciate its glory.

Breaking Bad

The next must-watch show on your list should be Breaking Bad. It tells the story of Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher struggling with depression. He is diagnosed with stage-3 lung cancer. Together with his student, Jesse Pinkman, he turns his life into a crime by producing and selling meth to secure the financial future of his family. Breaking bad is one of the most-watched cable shows on American TV. It has also won Primetime Emmy Awards, Satellite Awards, and several other popular awards.

Better Call Saul

This show is as good as The Big Bang Theory on CBS. It’s a crime and drama show that is a spin-off of Breaking Bad. It sets in the mid of the 2000s following the story of Jimmy McGill, con man turned lawyer 6 years before the events of Breaking Bad. It’s about his transformation into a criminal for hire “Saul Goodman.”

He becomes a client for Mike Ehrmantraut who’s skillset let him enter the underworld of drug trafficking. If you have watched Breaking Bad already, you wouldn’t want to miss this show.


If you are looking for comedy, Dietland will be your perfect dose of laughter. It is an adaptation of a novel by Sarai Walker. Just to give you a heads up, before you tune in to AMC on Spectrum for watching this show, know that its humor is a bit dark.

The series explores issues women face these days such as rape, misogyny, patriarchy, and unrealistic beauty standards. It walks us through the self-awakening journey of Plum Kettle. She ghostwrites for a fashion magazine in New York. She had been waging a lifelong battle with self-image. Tired of her weight, she finally decides to go for weight loss surgery. However, she ends up in the middle of 2 rival feminist factions. From there, she contemplates her role in this complicated and changing world.

The Killing

It’s based on a Danish TV series. It’s character-driven detective show unrevealing a murder mystery. Sarah Linden, a dedicated detective who works with the Seattle Police Department is assigned to mentor Detective Stephen Holder. He used to work at the narcotics division. The two have distinct investigative styles and diverse backgrounds hence, they clash as they work together to solve the mystery at hand. If you like crime shows on CW, you will love the storyline of The Killing as well.

AMC is not just a network for movies but plenty of TV series with amazing stories. Once you start watching, you will get hooked for sure.

If you want to subscribe to AMC or you are unable to find the channel in your given state, call Spectrum 1-866-200-7855 for assistance.

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