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What Channel is BBC America on Spectrum?


Everyone tries to get their hands on the best channel tier that covers channels from all popular genres of movies, sports, news, lifestyle, reality TV, sci-fi, etc. Among these channels, BBC America on Spectrum is essential when it comes to trustworthy and valid news networks.

BBC News or BBC News Channel is one of those news networks, which have authority. The popularity and the viewership of the said channel go worldwide. Over the years, the channel has aired quality and authentic content to earn a reputation. This British news network is free-to-air and has been a credible name for decades now. Let’s know more about the availability and content of the channel.

Top World Events with BBC America on Spectrum

When it was first launched in 1997, it didn’t take long to become the first competitor to the Sky News. Today, the channel is one of the most-watched in the country. Two decades and three years later, BBC is one of the largest news networks across the globe!

The slogan of the channel is “Britain’s most-watched news channel!” And rightly so! In the United States, the channel is available to as many as 80 million viewers. Furthermore, people across the globe trust the reports and news aired on the channel.

As of today, the network is more active and effective than ever. You want to catch-up on all the trending stories regarding politics, war, pandemics, sports news, and weather reports, all you need o to do is to tune into the said network and it will enlighten you with what you are seeking and more!

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BBC America deals with a more entertaining side. From documentaries, sci-fi action movies, and series, the channel has a lot to offer.

Sister Channels and Channel Numbers

Want to enjoy BBC and all its sister networks in crisp HD? You can subscribe to any of the Charter internet packages and the said network will essentially be on your channel tier list. Because Spectrum knows what its esteemed clientele wants to watch!

The following are the six sister networks of BBC:

  • CBeebies.
  • BBC Parliament.
  • BBC One.
  • BBC Two.
  • BBC Four.
  • CBBC.

Check out the channel lineup for BBC America on Spectrum in different states.

Channel Name City/State Channel Number
BBC America Oregon, Wisconsin 106, 727
BBC World News Oregon, Wisconsin 111, 738
BBC America Tillamook, Oregon 132, 747
BBC World News Tillamook, Oregon 128, 742
BBC America Atlanta, Georgia 133, 770
BBC World News Atlanta, Georgia 134, 795
BBC America Orlando, Florida 75, 1278
BBC World News Orlando, Florida 153
BBC America Pasco, Washington 82, 747
BBC World News Pasco, Washington 128, 742
BBC America Milwaukee, Wisconsin 87
BBC World News Milwaukee, Wisconsin 362
BBC America Worcester, Massachusetts 100, 803
BBC World News Worcester, Massachusetts 157, 832
BBC America Los Angeles, California 110
BBC World News Los Angeles, California 209
BBC America Livonia, Michigan 21
BBC World News Livonia, Michigan 139
BBC America Sharon, Pennsylvania 19
BBC World News Sharon, Pennsylvania 98
BBC America Belleville, Illinois 172, 733
BBC World News Belleville, Illinois 135, 793
BBC America Trumbull, Connecticut 109, 803
BBC World News Trumbull, Connecticut 157, 832
BBC America Atlanta, Georgia 133, 770
BBC World News Atlanta, Georgia 134, 795

The Content of BBC America

Fan of sci-fi series and movies with a hint of action? Love nature and wildlife documentaries? Like to indulge in light comedy? If yes, this is the channel for you. And you will have this network entrée in Spectrum ala carte of channel tiers is pristine HD in most of its serviced states.

Moreover, the channel offers occasional drama, sports simulcasts, news telecasts, and so on. The programming and content are from the categories of varied, original, and syndicated. We will give you a brief overview of some of the trending shows on the channel.

Orphan Black

This sci-fi hit show first started airing in 2013. Starring Tatiana Maslany, Jordan Gavaris, Dylan Bruce, and others, the show has five seasons. The story revolves around a streetwise hustler who witnesses the suicide of a girl who just looks like her. She is eventually pulled into a compelling conspiracy that changes her life forever!

To indulge in the action and thrill, catch this show on BBC America on Spectrum in ultra-crisp picture quality.

Top Gear America

Top Gear has been a long-running franchise and Top Gear America is the reimagined American version of it. This version carries along with the British roots while incorporating some new elements.

The new format revolves around reviewing state-of-the-art and exclusive vehicles along with paying tribute to the rich automotive history of America. The show reviews some of the most culture-defining vehicles from America’s past.

If you have a thing for cars, you can secure a front-row seat as the show’s car-obsessed hosts go on racing cars on the historic tracks and scenic highways of Western America. Moreover, each episode features a celeb.

Killing Eve

Killing Eve started airing in 2018 and the drama has three seasons so far. Starring Sandra Oh, Jodie Comer, and Fiona Shaw, the show revolves around Eve. She had some high hopes for her career as a spy but they don’t seem to add up.

Eve is a very sharp yet bored MI5 security officer. The very desk-bound job is the main reason for the boredom. Her colleague, Villanelle, is a talented killer with unpredictable moods. Both women are obsessed with each other and play a fierce cat and mouse game while Eve is to hunt down a psychopathic assassin.

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