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Benefits of Cable TV to Consider Before Cutting the Cord

benefits of cable TV service

There are several reasons why you might be thinking about cutting the cord. It may that you are not having a good experience with your cable provider.

Costs can go up very fast after the promotion period is over. And so, not being able to negotiate on the cost can be a big reason behind your decision. Also, you might be having a hard time managing the household expenses. While these reasons are equally valid, you should take into account all the benefits of cable TV before making up your mind. These benefits may far outweigh the disadvantages.

So, here are all of them discussed in detail to facilitate you in making this decision:

Amazing Range of TV Channels

Most cable TV providers offer the best range of TV channels. For-example all the Spectrum cable TV plans come with the best entertainment channels like HBO and SHOWTIME. So, if you terminate the service, you’ll have to say goodbye to your favorite shows and movies. You’ll not be able to enjoy these anytime and you’ll have to pay extra costs to watch them.

If you are used to getting back home and streaming new movies every day on your cable TV, rethink your decision about cutting the cord. Ask yourself; how will you spend your evenings once you no longer have this service?

Affordable Bundling Options

Every user has different reasons for subscribing to cable service. Some subscribe purely to stream a range of channels while others subscribe to a service to enjoy high-speed Internet along with a few cable channels. So, if you are a subscriber of a bundling package but you hardly watch TV, think about the downsides of cord-cutting again. You can stream Netflix or Disney because of the high-speed Internet. If you terminate this service, how do you plan to pay for an expensive Internet service?

Besides the affordable Internet, you’ll also lose your occasional TV entertainment if you move forward with this decision. So, bundling is the best option to reduce monthly costs. You can choose a bundle according to your lifestyle as cable TV providers offer great flexibility in terms of Internet speeds and range of channels. So, you can get Internet speeds anywhere between 100 Mbps and 1000 Mbps if you subscribe to a bundle. With such Internet speeds, buffering won’t be an issue for you anymore!

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One of the biggest benefits of cable TV is that you get to stream your favorite sports events. While Netflix or Amazon can provide you with tons of movies and documentaries, these can’t compete with cable TV in this area. Based on your location, you can enjoy both local and international sports events on your TV. If you are a sports lover, you can also customize your TV package to enjoy more sports channels.

Movies and TV Shows to Watch During Quarantine

Live Programs and Events

No online streaming service lets you enjoy live events like cable TV does. If you are an entertainment lover, cable TV will make sure that you never miss a moment of Oscars or Grammys. Also, you can stream live coverage of Christmas and New Year’s special shows with the cable service.

Holidays are meant to be enjoyed with your family. You surely don’t want to keep watching Netflix series on a holiday, right? So, by continuing the service, you can spend holidays watching these seasonal shows with your family.

New Content and Pay-Per-View

In terms of content, even Netflix and Amazon can’t compete with cable TV. While the former provides the users with a large number of movies and series, most of them are not quite average. On the other hand, the latest box office blockbusters are often available on cable. Also, if you can’t find a movie on cable, you can always opt for the pay-per-view option.

Various UFC events are also available only on cable. You can watch them anytime through the per-per-view option. These events surely make a Saturday-night house party great and memorable.

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On-Demand Content and Apps

As online streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime have begun to take over, cable providers also have lifted their game a notch. These cable providers offer a range of on-demand movies and series that can be streamed anytime.

Not only this, but most cable providers also offer cool TV apps. With the help of these apps, you can watch content on your laptops, tablets, mobiles, or any other device just by entering the login information. You also have the option of recording your favorite shows and watching them later at your convenience.

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Besides bundling, almost all cable TV plans allow you to reduce costs significantly. While you have to spend a minimum of $100 while taking your family to the movies, cable TV offers you to watch those movies with your family sitting at home. In this way, you can save on fuel, tickets, and food costs.

Attractive Custom Packages

One of the most attractive benefits of cable TV is that you can easily choose a package that suits your lifestyle. Just select a couple of your favorite channels after selecting a package and start streaming your favorite shows. In this way, you don’t have to subscribe to the biggest package and pay extra costs. So, cable service offers both flexibility and affordability to its users.

Negotiation Option

The biggest reason for cord-cutting is that costs become significantly higher once the one-year promotion period is over. But you have to remember that these cable providers also have this concern in their minds.  You can contact them and ask them to offer you flexibility according to your budget.

You can also look for other cable providers if you are not satisfied with the current provider’s offer. Luckily, there are a lot of cable service providers in the market to choose from. So, you can select the most affordable service instead of cutting the cord.

Final Words

If your sole reason behind cutting the cord is to reduce costs, you need to think again. You’ll have to pay for services like Netflix and Amazon for entertainment and also subscribe to a high-speed Internet service to use these services.

Instead, you can enjoy both your favorite shows and high-speed Internet by opting for a cable TV service bundling option!

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