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7 Best Netflix Comedy Stand-Up Specials to Watch Now

Comedy Stand-Up Specials

Are you bored with cooking and working out in this lockdown? Do you look for activities after you have worked from home? Do you wish to tickle your funny bone? If YES, then you should tune into Netflix. You will get to watch some of the best stand-up comedy specials.

From Eddie Murphy to Hanna Gadsby, you will get it all. Here are some of the best picks:

1. James Acaster – Repertoire

If you want to know more about James Acaster and his life, tune into this four-part series. Each episode is of 50 minutes and will leave you wanting more by the end of it. Acaster describes this series as the four stages of his life. You will find a perfect blend of eccentric mannerisms, physical comedy, and wit in this stand-up comedy series. It is one of the smartest shows by any stand-up comedian.

Remember to watch from the beginning as each part is linked to the other. The writing and execution of the series are amazing. All of this makes the series a must-watch.

2. Katherine Ryan – Glitter Room

Second, of Katherine Ryan’s stand-up comedy productions, the 65 minutes long show is full of parenting stories, anecdotes, and shrewd observations. Ryan uses wit to share with the audience what being a single mother is like. She doesn’t shy away from digging into patriarchy as well and that too with sass. Tune into her show to laugh till your ribs hurt. You will also learn the difference between day and night wines. A win-win?

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3. Jimmy Carr – Funny Business

This 62 minutes long show will make you crave for another 62 minutes of it by the end of it. The deadpan one-liners are what the comedian is good at. And he does not fail to deliver the same with a wicked edge in this show as well. Carr knows how to draw belly laughs from the viewers. He does it by crossing every boundary. So, if you are someone who gets offended a bit too soon, this show is not for you.

4. Chris Rock – Tamborine

Smart and sharp – two words you will always use for Rock’s comedy. Tamborine is no different. The show starts with the Rock talking about cops targeting the black kids and shooting at them. You can categorize this show as dark humor as Rock touches upon one of the most depressing topics in the States. Asking for a world with equality, he draws everyone’s attention towards bullies and how no one knows how to handle them.

Rock discusses one issue after the other in this show while offending many. But little does he care. His originality, thoughtfulness and wicked way of delivering the bitter truths are what make him an absolute favorite among many.

5. Tig Notaro – Happy to be Here

The master of deadpan, Notaro, seems quite comfortable in her life and the way she is living it. Well, that is what she shares with the audiences in her stand-up comedy special, Happy to be Here.  The confidence and joy that Notaro earned in all these years did not come to her the easy way. She struggled to make her career through stand-up specials apart from sitcoms. And she does not hesitate to share it all with the audience but in a rather witty way.

6. Michelle Wolf – Joke Show

Neither does she introduce herself nor does she goof around at the beginning of her most recent comedy specials – Joke Show. Instead, Wolf just decides to dive straight into an otter rape scene. It might be uncomfortable for many, but a majority finds her abrasive jokes as hilarious. Although many of her jokes will end up making you uncomfortable you will love all the dark places that Wolf guides you through. Get ready to laugh, frown and feel uncomfortable with Michelle Wolf’s recent show.

7. Hassan Minhaj – Homecoming King

This is not your average stand-up comedy special. Minhaj does not fear to enter the dark territory where he does not crack a single joke for over a minute. Maybe his extraordinary story-telling talent allows him to do this and much more. And that too without making the audience yawn. Minhaj is capable of delivering a compelling piece of work while staying serious. His smartness, wittiness, and sharpness make it easy for him to please the audience the way he does.

This might not be an exhaustive list but these are some specials that you would love watching on Netflix or your Spectrum TV. I hope you find comfort, peace, and laughter in watching these specials in these trying times.

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