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Best Fitness Apps to Keep in Shape During Lockdown

fitness apps

Where the COVID-19 is affecting some people physically and taking their lives, it is also affecting the mental health of people. Many individuals are dealing with this issue by video conferencing, cooking, working out, and picking up a hobby.

If you are a fitness freak as well and missing the gym sessions, you can install the following apps for in-home gym feels.


Aaptiv goes with the mantra of giving you access to a happy-go-lucky fitness training experience. The creators of the app understand COVID-19 impact on the social life of the people. Therefore, they aim at creating an environment that would divert your mind enough to keep you healthy both physically and mentally. Installing the app means that you get a weekly plan that it creates for you. This plan will be presented to you based on the settings that you choose.

The subscriber has the liberty to pick from a wide range of workouts that he/she can perform daily. All the daily workouts aim towards a single fitness goal. For example, cardio, stretching, or strength training. Every trainer has different music playing in the background.

The workouts are very rewarding. You get to put yourself through a 30-minute session every day with the instructors instructing you. Both video and audio are available. However, the latter is more prominent in the sessions. This is also a downside of using the app. But if you look at all the pros of using this app, the con is almost ignorable. The app comes with a simple UI and will cost you $79 a year.


Another app that will help you get through these trying times is Fiit. Before you read about this amazing app, you should know that it might cost you between $10 and $20 to subscribe to Fiit. But the features that the app offers are all worth your money. You might need to go outdoors if you wish to make the best out of your Fiit workouts. These workout routines are not for a dining room or living room sessions.

You would also want to view the workouts on the app on some big screen like your laptop or TV maybe. Fiit is only advised to people who are looking for some extreme workouts. The complicated sessions and the way the instructors portray every step becomes difficult with each step. And if you cannot keep up with the pace of the instructors you will not like the app.

One of the biggest drawbacks of using Fiit is that the instructors rely on the video more than the audio. So, often you will just see them performing the various steps and not explaining it. Thus, you have to be a pro if you want to pay for Fiit, however, it is not for beginners.


If you are a sucker for a workout routine that includes a bit of everything, then DailyBurn should be your go-to app. Any routine that might take your fancy is here. From Pilates to cardio to muscle building, you will find it all in one place. What better option could you look for? To make things more motivational, the app has a built-in social network. You get to interact with other people using the same app on this platform. Individuals share their success stories, workout plan routines, and also inspire others on this platform.

You will find a range of programs that you can choose to begin with using this app. Some of the many prominent programs include boot camps, beginner plans, yoga basics, and grueling. The best part about DailyBurn is that you get to have a 30-day free trial as well. After that, if you wish to continue, you will have to pay $14.96/month


Are you a fan of jumping and burpees? If yes then Freeletics should be your go-to app. Sadly, if you live in flats, you cannot jump at any time that you wish to. You cannot jump at all. Because then you would be disturbing someone living below you or may be above you. Anyhow, if you think you can still manage, that would be great.

You will get access to a whole minute of jumping routine in some workout sessions. Choose your level of fitness, and then Freeletics do the rest for you. The app makes a weekly plan for you based on the level you selected. The daily sessions span up to 40 minutes. Every move gets explained in a video clip before you can try it. Individuals also get to see a timer that tells them when they should move to the next routine. Hence, making workout easy.

To sum it up, Freeletics is an intensive workout app that includes a lot of jumping. It is cheaper than other apps on the list. The monthly cost can be between $6 and $11. Also, apart from the jumping part many of the workout routines included in the app are small flat friendly.

Nike Training Club

This is one of the most challenging workout apps that you will get access to. Some individuals complain about not being able to finish the complete workout routines that the app contains. Therefore, unless you have been working out for quite some time now, you will find it hard to keep up with the pace of the workout sessions in the Nike Training Club.

The best part about the app is that it has a cheerful vibe to it. You will feel like working out after you have a look at the sessions that the instructors teach at Nike Training Club. The sessions are also made doable by breaking them into small clips. Hence, making it easy for individuals to keep up with the pace. It is a sleek app with rigorous workout sessions. And you know what? It is free. Yes, you read that right.

So, get ready to subscribe to a Spectrum offer, register with any of the apps in the list, and make the best out of your lockdown days.

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