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The Best Netflix Show That You’re Not Watching is Coming Back on New Year’s Day

Lovesick on Netflix

Yes, it’s official – The Best Netflix Show that you’re not watching is coming back on your screens, on New Year’s Day and even there’s a trailer for the third season as well.

If you haven’t watched it before, it’s time you start watching Lovesick because you’ve only missed out on two seasons only. Only a total of 14 episodes have passed which means an average of 15 to 20 minutes of your time on your Cable TV screen a day is all that’s needed.

Here’s what you should know about Lovesick:

Lovesick Brief Overview: Lovesick is a show with more sophisticated snobbery – that doesn’t cloy plot but has a hilarious plot device instead that elucidates poignancy at the point where ecstasy and agony try negotiating with life between the reality and romanticism plays in. There’s also an understanding of the impact of past relationship on the present, and also telling exes that they might have gotten STD from you.

That’s lovesick in brief!

Here’s the second season trailer:

The show, on the whole, is funny, warmhearted, and wonderful. There’s even a past to this story: It was once named as ‘Scrotal Recall’ – and of course, thanx to showrunners, the name was changed for the second season.

The plot, in the simplest form:

-Dylan (Johnny Flynn) is diagnosed with Chlamydia, once his test of STD.

-Each and every episode starts from Dylan informing exes about the problem and suggesting for a test for them as well.

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-Most of the episodes are a flashback of the significant yet past relationship moments.

-The flashback’s however, aren’t about Dylan and his past girlfriends, instead, they are about the significant moments linked to all in the past and how those moments and how they are impacting Dylan and his current life.

-The structure, on the whole, is brilliant. All the characters are funny and don’t descend into exaggeration. So, you’re convinced in rooting for everyone. Lovesick is simply about the feelings and how love evolves through the lens of the camera into the screens of our TVs and lives. Lovesick is nowhere close to terrible people or right people or wrong decisions or right decisions. How your feelings effect on your choice of life partner, no matter how bad or wise the choice may be, nothing matters.

And since we believe that, not every TV show has to hit high on Twitter and conquer great on day-after slacks and podcasts: We believe that Lovesick is a great show.

And for the better: 2018 will have an even a diverse range of TV shows that won’t force over-analysis, absurd “Is this a joke?”, or super fandom jokes. At the end of 2017, TV that may just be a small hit or an occasional liking or has been overridden by the internet, it will become the only thing people would talk about. How well does this sound? If refreshing and true is your answer then sign up for your Cable TV subscription and explore the never-ending movie mania with us.

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And Lovesick is so many of those 2018 aspirations that we should look forward to empathetic, warm, and ground and cynical and funny at the same time. It’s also an easy and a great watch. Just like we said, you will find a great number of amazing TV shows to watch in 2018. But then again, Lovesick will be fun for those who tune in.


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