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5 Best Tablets for Kids to Buy in 2020

tablets for kids

Staying home is as hard for the kids as it is for the adults. In many cases, it is harder for the former. However, one has to obey what the government says. It might be difficult but we are all in this together. Adults and youngsters may be finding it easier to adjust when compared to kids. Because of the former surf the Internet, watch shows or give cooking a try. But kids do not love anything as much as playing outdoors.

Top 5 Tablets for Kids

This might just be the right time for you to invest in a tablet for kids. Here are some of the suggested options:

Amazon Fire HD 10

Amazon offers one of the best tablets. Whether it is the price, the feature, design, or the ease of use, Amazon tops it all. This specific tablet is also the largest and the fastest that the company introduced so far. You can hand this tablet to your kid and forget about charging it after every few hours. If fully charged, the battery lasts for around 12 hours.

Another reason for considering this option would be the kid-proof case that it comes equipped with. Other than that, you also get to enjoy features like in-built camera and stand. In case you need more reasons to love this tablet and invest in it, Amazon offers a two-year guarantee on this product. Do not forget the Amazon FreeTime subscription that it comes equipped with. If you are not familiar with this software, it features over 20k books – both audio and video.

It will cost you less than an iPad and offer features like parental guidance. Four accounts can log into the tab at once. You must be wondering that this tablet comes with so many pros, there might not be any con. On the surface of it, there isn’t any. However, you can only purchase this tablet through Amazon.

Fisher-Price Smart Stages Tablet

If you are looking for a tablet for your toddler, then you won’t come across a better option than Fisher-Price’s Smart Stages tablet. The reason why many opt for this option is the low price tag that it comes with. The indestructible design, various levels of play depending on the toddler’s age, and the nursery rhymes that come installed in the tablet are all the more reasons for you to invest in this tablet.

You might think of it as a mere toy at first glance. But the tablet is more than just a toy. Your toddler will fall in love with t the instant you hand it over to him. However, make sure that you limit your kid’s screen exposure by not letting him play on the tablet for more than an hour. You cannot connect it to the Internet or download apps.

One con that you might face while using this tablet is that you cannot use it for long in the car or airplane. The battery drains out fast. Nonetheless, it is a good alternative to TV and other tablets for your toddler.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A

This tablet is not for toddlers. It is for your high-school kids who want to do some research work for their homework. Or wish to watch a movie or show. Without a doubt, there are other options available for this age-group, but the priority of every parent is to go for a budget-friendly option. And you cannot get a better tablet than Samsung Galaxy Tab A. From an amazing horsepower to a medium price range, the tablet is suitable for adults and kids alike.

Added features include the complete Microsoft Office range that comes pre-installed. Hence, making Samsung Galaxy Tab A the best option for school projects and assignments.

Kindle Kids Edition

If your kid is into reading, then Kindle Kids Edition is the best option for them. Agreed that nothing beats a book that you can hold in your hands. However, at times it is not possible to get your hands on every book that you wish to read. This is when tablets like Kindle come into play. They also save you the money that you would otherwise spend on purchasing the books. Some available books are free and some have paid versions.

This is another tablet introduced by Amazon. It comes equipped with some of the most prominent series like the Harry Potter series that your kids will love. The best part about it is a lightweight and sleek design. Thus, making it easy to carry. You can choose to read or listen to a book. The tablet offers the audio feature if you wish to do the latter.

If you want to read any other book than the ones included, you will have to check for Charter Internet availability and the like as you will have to surf the net for that purpose.

iPad Air

If you happen to be a high school student or your kid is one, then you will be aware of the diversifying needs. Sometimes these youngsters want to indulge themselves in an online video game while at other times they wish to watch a YouTube tutorial. Not to forget the need that the students feel to chat with friends, take photos, sketch, and listen to music. You will get all these features and many more in iPad Air.

It may cost you more than any other tablet on the list, but it is worth the spend. The tablet is compatible with the full-sized keyboard that Apple offers as well. Available in three metallic colors, the tablet comes with a display of 10.5 inches.

Features to Look for in a Tablet for Kids

Consider the following when you go tablet shopping for your kids


Some children are very rough on their gadgets. Therefore, look for a tablet that has a strong body. You would also want to consider the type of warranty that the company is offering for the tablet.

Parental Control

Whether your kid is in high school or just started, you should always have a check on his online activities. For that, invest in a tablet that offers various parental control features.


Invest according to the skill or grade level of your child. If he is a grade 1 student, investing in an iPad would not be a wise decision.

This list is not exhaustive, but the mentioned names are among some of the best tablets for kids. Do consider these names and pay attention to the features as well. A reputable brand doesn’t need to suffice your needs too. So, choose smartly.

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