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What Channel Is BET on Spectrum?

BET on Spectrum

Black Entertainment Television (BET) is a channel based on Black creators. It was the first and only US channel and caters primarily to African-American viewers. Hence, it is available on a wide range of cable networks. Similarly, BET on Spectrum is also very accessible. Its headquarters are based in New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles. However, this channel is available all over the United States. In addition, the network also broadcasts it in Canada, UK, France, and South Africa. It also shows it in South Korea and Sub-Saharan Africa.

The network broadcasts it so widely because of its popularity. It reaches an estimated 88 million households. BET is a platform for Black creators such as Tyler Perry, who are major names in the film and TV industry. It showcases Black talent and was the only channel of its kind. Other networks only decided recently to create similar channels.

The History of BET

BET’s history starts well before the Spectrum channel lineup added it. Robert L. Johnson decided to create this channel in 1980. He was a media entrepreneur back then. Johnson felt that there was no content targeted at African-American people. Therefore, he created BET to fix this. It started as a USA Network timeshare channel. It soon became a hit with its audience. Resultantly, he launched BET as an independent full-time channel three years later.

BET initially started with Black-centric music videos. It later expanded into a variety of content. It offered talk shows, political shows, issue-oriented programs, comedies, and sports, among many other things. BET was also in the public corporation from 1991 to 1998. However, Johnson and other investors decided to gain private control of the firm. Then, he sold it to Viacom Inc for $3 billion in 2000.

The Channel’s Success

Johnson’s vision proved to be a good idea, as BET has been popular since it started. For around 40 years, it was the only Black-centric TV channel. It retained its position even when others cropped up. The Oprah Winfrey Network only overtook in 2018 with viewer numbers.

Black families in the USA watch 37% more TV than any other demographic. Therefore, BET captured the right market. Thus, it is still the most recognized channel among its intended audience. It has hosted stars like Tyler Perry, Angela Bassett, Halle Berry, and Laverne Cox. Many currently popular African-American actors started their careers at BET.

What Shows Does BET on Spectrum Offer?

BET offers a diverse and interesting lineup of shows in its 24-hour programming. These shows are available on the Spectrum Silver package as well. Therefore, its subscribers can see what this channel has to offer.


This is an experimental anthology with a brilliant concept. Each episode incorporates a past or current hip-hop song into a visually engaging narrative. Each tale is produced beautifully, with gorgeous aesthetics.


Created by Tyler Perry, Sistas is a 2019 show about a group of black women who bond over their single status. It explores female friendship, relationships, and family in an excellent way. Sistas is set to be a highly relatable show for women from all walks of life. The show presents a touching take on complex friendships.

First Wives Club

This show is based on the 1996 hit movie of the same name. It is a comedy about three women who band together after their marriages fall apart. This is a heartwarming take on the topic. In addition, the creators have handled it in an excellent manner. Ryan Michelle Bathe, Michelle Buteau, and Jill Scott play the lead roles quite well, making a relatable and well-received show.

The Grand Hustle

Reality TV is an incredibly popular genre, and BET also offers shows to cater to this niche. A group of sixteen men and women compete for a six-figure salary position to work with Clifford “T.I” Harris, who judges them from his Atlanta mansion. This high-stakes show is quite popular due to its pace and premise.


Black-ish is a major success story for BET. Therefore, other networks also air it. It is based on a Black family which moves into a predominantly white neighborhood. Resultantly, many hilarious situations happen. Many critics praise it for its comedy. In addition, it also handles real-life issues well.

Where Can You Find the Channel?

BET is available on most Spectrum TV packages, up to Spectrum TV Gold. It is available nearly wherever the network is available. However, different areas may have different numbers. Here’s where you can find it in your area.

City/State Channel # City/State Channel #
Albertville, AL 61/749 Kansas City, KS 25
Austin, TX 29 Lincoln, NH 181
Athens, GA 52/862 Lincoln, NE 40
Avon, IN 32 Los Angeles, CA 52/61
Alexandria, KY 68 New York, NY 37
Auburn, ME 65 Orlando, FL 67
Allendale, MI 83/828 Picayune, MS 60
Albany, MN 68/736 Ridgefield Park, NJ 69
Belleville, IL 68/749 Reno, NV 67/751
Baton Rouge, LA 60/749 Rochester, NY 41
Bakersfield, CA 40 Saint Louis, MO 68/749
Baker City, OR 72/876 San Antonio, TX 33
Bristol, VA 60/749 Sheboygan, WI 88/656
Crisfield, MD 17/877 Tampa, FL 71/1234
Charlotte, NC 59 Wapato, WA 35/876
Cincinnati, OH 34 Waterford, PA 66
Cleveland, OH 46 Winsted, CT 87/714
Concord, VT 69/786 Yuma, AZ 62
Cheyenne, WY 41/581 Great Falls, MT 46/581
Dallas, TX 72 Hayden, ID 51
Grand Junction, CO 89/581 Harvard, MA 72/714
Greenville, SC 72/877 Knoxville, TN 60/749

If you still can’t find BET on Spectrum, connect with a customer rep. They will tell you about your bundle and help you.

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