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Black Friday Aftermath – When Did the Chaos Become so Controlled?

Black Friday

Ah, Thanksgiving, one of the magical times of the year when each one of us gets to take a break from the busy and hectic routines of our lives. When all of us, for once get together in the spirit of gratitude, devoutness, and blessed food.

But there’s (NOW) so much more to the peaceful Thanksgiving! Did you forget “Black Friday Sales“?

Black Friday, the holiday that stood out so strongly on its own – or it used to. For the last couple of years now, it’s bleeding over Thanksgiving. More notably known as the “Day of Defiance“?

What the Day Meant Just a Couple of Years Back

If you look back, a couple of years maybe, Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving meant getting up at 3 a.m. in the morning to get into the line of local Target store, Walmart, or Best Buy and wait until 6 a.m. for the electronic section to get active and fight over the lowest priced TV.

The long shopping cart traffic jams, the sweet gabfest dramas of customers – despite all this it WAS the most exciting days of the years.

The day was/is even a big win for the stores, and shoppers save a huge deal in the winter holidays. And to support the fun more, stores for the past few years, are opening at sooner and sooner. Some are even unlocking their doors at midnight of Thanksgiving, and some are using the evenings (5 and 6 p.m.) – this is the start of things spiraling out of control!

And the question is; can it still be called Black Friday? Or is it Gray Thursday?

What Has Become of Black Friday?

Did you have the chance to watch, horror director George Romero’s, Dawn of the Dead? Climaxes in the mall, right? A mass of zombies draws to the mall mindlessly – compare it to the ‘Black Friday Fights 2017’ – living men craving for bargains and rushing towards things. The store owners can simply name these malls as hell-scape for the buyers.

Agitated – brawling – trampling crowd. The chaos did and still does happen in the pursuit of bargains, but in 2017, the phenomenon – more like the zombie movie scene – didn’t seem to die at any point. If you are still pulling yourself out of the Thanksgiving-dinners-induced stupor and bringing yourself back to reality – we’ve got you covered with what you might have missed!

Here’s a small glimpse from the “Top 10 Most Insane Black Friday Compilations”

Why and How This Happened?

Well, “Black Friday” became a big deal after 1980. It became hyped as a standout day for stores to get flooded with amazing discounts and ultra-cheap prices. Retailers took advantage and started opening earlier and this predawn grew into bigger anticipation. And now since few years, physical and online retailers are hosting flash sales and deep discounts – way before and after Black day.

Black Friday stands to be a great opportunity from a business point of view for drawing in customers and making money. The point here is: despite the appealing deals and Black Friday shopping spree, the question still remains if most of these things are needed? The answer of course, for the most part, is no. We don’t need (most of them) items and we still stand out in the lines to entertain ourselves.

Consider the example of our garages; we look for a house with a garage to park our vehicle, but that gets stacked with things apart from our cars. So the car gets parked on the street instead. Average Americans can be called hoarders, by definition: “Accumulation that is carefully guarded or hidden for preservation, etc.”

Kathleen Doheny supports the idea of minimalist living approach in her WebMD article on ‘clutter control’, “If you have so much stuff that it drags you into the past or pulls you into the future, you can’t live in the present.”

The irony of Black Friday is, our day is spent without us being grateful for what we have. Then the ‘Thanksgiving’ day goes by with dinner and emergency exits to the shopping centers, without spending time with families or loved ones.

Why Not Stay Home, Order Online, and Chill?

A number of sales tracking sites conclude that a vast majority of deals can be availed by ordering online – avoiding any reason to hit the store and then not actually get what you want. And if you even think that the fights and traumas you carried from Black Friday Videos 2017 are not your cups of tea, then get online and order as much as you want – without getting hit or thrown down – there’s little to no-stress.

Since we’re in the era of distrust and feel content when we step out and be a part of something physically – be it a fight, event, festival, or whatsoever – unless we don’t experience it, we don’t feel good about it. So most of us, despite the experience of Black Friday 2017, we still want to know when is next to Black Friday? Your question and we answer – the next biggest and never-ending-shopping-crazy day is happening on November, 23rd 2018.

Go ahead and be a part of the zombie walk, if you want to. Because you’ll never be alone!

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