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What Channel Is Bounce TV on Spectrum?


Charter cable services provide many TV channels that come with African American shows. Not only that, but the cable service also allows users to select TV channels that only air content for African Americans. One of these channels is Bounce TV on Spectrum that comes with a lot of quality content.

About Bounce TV

Bounce TV is owned by Katz Broadcasting. The channel came into existence when Martin Luther King III Andrew Young joined forces with like-minded individuals to create dedicated television content for people of African American heritage. Also known as the Black Owned Universal National Community Entertainment, the channel was promoted as the first of its type for African American individuals. The target audience is people between the ages of 29 to 50 years. Most of the programs and shows on this TV channel also revolve around the life issues of these such individuals. Thankfully, a wide range of quality shows air on this channel on a regular basis. 

Packages Including Bounce TV on Spectrum

Spectrum offers different packages such as the Spectrum Silver package and the Spectrum Gold package. All these packages come with different line-ups and depending upon what you’re looking for, you can select a package that suits your entertainment needs. With careful analysis, you can get access to a quality bundle of news, sports, and entertainment channels. 

Bounce TV is also present in the different packages offered by Spectrum such as Spectrum TV Select, Spectrum TV Silver, and Spectrum TV Gold. You can also watch the TV with the help of Spectrum WiFi plans

New users may have difficulty in finding the channel number of Bounce TV on Spectrum. This is because of their unfamiliarity with the company and the channel lineups. However, do note that every state in the United States of America has a different channel number for Bounce TV. The following are the channel numbers of Bounce TV in different States:

City/State Channel Number
Albertville, AL 192
Milwaukee,WI 997
Alcoa, TN 182
Columbia, SC 1245
Akron, OH 996
Bergen Co, NJ 1280
Charlotte,NC 1255
St. Louis,Missouri 188
Greenville, MI 200
Bourg, LA 186

You may also check out the official channel lineup online or call the customer service number of Charter Spectrum if you can’t find your state here.

Popular Shows on Bounce TV

Many popular shows are currently airing on Bounce TV. This is the reason that many people across the United States of America are subscribing to this quality TV channel irrespective of their race or ethnicity. These shows address many social issues. At the same time, they provide quality entertainment to the viewers as well. Dying to be Famous, Law and Order, and Bears Game are some of the most popular shows.  

Following are some of the most popular shows that you can easily binge-watch with your friends or family:

Dying to be Famous

Dying to be Famous is a mysterious TV show that revolves around the death of a young model. This young model is Ryan Singleton and he is trying to become a successful producer in Hollywood at the start of the show. However, he dies in California in the Mojave Desert. People discover his body in the most unusual of circumstances. All his vital body parts are missing. From here on, a story of suspense and crime begins.

Law and Order 

Law and Order is one of the most popular TV series in the world right now. Every episode comes with a new case that is even more interesting than the previous one. The law enforcement agencies make sure that they can get to the bottom of the crime. One part of the show is about the investigation, while the other is related to prosecution. You will definitely love this show as the individuals working for the supremacy of law find themselves amidst changing circumstances every episode. 

The Wendy Williams Show

The Wendy Williams show is quite popular across the globe. A daytime talk show, millions of people watch this show. It has everything from celebrity interviews to the latest pop culture and Wendy’s honest opinions about entertainment. It is not a show to be missed.

If you still have any questions, it is recommended that you call Spectrum’s toll free customer service number. Their reps will guide you about all the service packages including those that have this channel along with the channel lineup for Bounce TV on Spectrum. You can also consult them about upgrading your current plan.

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