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What Channel is CBS on Charter Spectrum?

CBS on spectrum

Columbia Broadcasting System or CBS is one of America’s first radio and television broadcasting companies. It became a constant channel in most American households following its news coverage of the Pearl Harbor bombing in December 1941. In the decades since, there has been one common channel everywhere: CBS on Spectrum and other providers.

What Channel is CBS on Spectrum?

CBS is a part of the National Amusements umbrella, which also owns Warner Bros. Its is the eighth largest broadcaster in the world. Looking to relax after a long day at work with some comedy, drama, movie, sports, or even the news? It may be just the thing you are looking for. The network carries a diverse selection of TV shows, movies, as well as daily news updates that keep its faithful fan base glued to the screen.

Of course, in the age of Netflix, people are used to on-demand entertainment. But it carries some exclusive content as well as popular TV shows you can’t find on many streaming services. You can find channels from CBS on Charter at the following positions:

City Channel # City Channel #
Cincinnati, OH 12 Durham, NC 2
Cleveland, OH 4/1004 Fayetteville, NC 10
Akron, OH 4 Greensboro, NC 9
Canton, OH 4 High Point, NC 9
Columbus, OH 10 Charlotte, NC 2
Tampa-St., FL 10/1010 Milwaukee, WI 5
Petersburg, FL 10/1010 Rochester, NY 8
Daytona Beach, FL 6/1060 San Antonio, TX 3
Melbourne, FL 5/1016 Dallas, TX 11/781
Lexington, KY 9 Park Cities, TX 11/781
Louisville, KY 5 Ft. Worth, TX 11/781
Jeffersonville, KY 5 Birmingham, AL 3/1003
Raleigh, NC 6

While most people go straight to premium channels like HBO, there’s actually a lot of great programming to watch on CBS as well. It offers a great mix of drama, comedy, and reality TV that caters to a large variety of audiences. Some of the most popular shows on CBS channel on Spectrum right now:

  • Elementary follows a modern day Sherlock Holmes living in New York. The show primarily builds on the classic Sherlock Holmes adventures written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. But each episode has a modern twist to it. And of course, Watson is played by Lucy Liu.
  • Gunsmoke is a classic American western show that ran for 20 seasons. It is actually the second-longest running show in American TV history. Gunsmoke follows Marshal Matt Dillon (played by James Arness) on a mission to bring the law back to Dodge City. The classic cinematography is as nostalgic as it gets.
  • The Guardian revolves around Pittsburgh attorney Nick Fallin, sentenced to 1500 hours of community service following a drug charge. Nick offers community service as a guardian ad litem while the show also focuses on his work and relationships. Both work and relationships involve Nick’s father, who founded the corporate law firm he works at.

The News Programs to Follow

As it has been a pioneer in the news industry, having been one of the first broadcasting systems to air live news coverage. CBS News on Spectrum currently airs in the following programming blocks:

  • Overnight News
  • CBS Morning News
  • This Morning
  • This Morning Saturday
  • News Sunday Morning
  • Face The Nation
  • CBS Evening News
  • CBS Weekend News
  • 60 Minutes
  • 48 Hours

As you can see, there are a substantial number of news programs during the week to help you stay up to date on current events. It’s just as good, if not better than, Fox.

What Channel is CBS Sports on Spectrum?

When it comes to sports fans, few channels can compare to the sports lineup that you can get with CBS sports channel on Spectrum.

City Channel # City Channel #
Cincinnati, OH 322 Raleigh, NC 315
Cleveland, OH 322 Durham, NC 315
Akron, OH 322 Fayetteville, NC 315
Canton, OH 322 Greensboro, NC 315
Columbus, OH 531 High Point, NC 315
Tampa-St., FL 139 Charlotte, NC 315
Petersburg, FL 139 Milwaukee, WI 322
Daytona Beach, FL 106 Rochester, NY 315
Melbourne, FL 106 San Antonio, TX 315
Lexington, KY 531 Dallas, TX 290/706
Louisville, KY 531 Park Cities, TX 290/706
Jeffersonville, KY 531 Ft. Worth, TX 290/706
Birmingham, AL 425

The given channel lineup is based on national estimates. It may vary by location.

It comes with all three Spectrum TV packages. This includes the Select package, the Silver package, and the Gold package. Depending on which package you select, you can get between 140 to 260 channels with your subscription. Getting a Spectrum cable subscription is not difficult at all. To order your subscription contact Spectrum Customer Service today. Enjoy some of the best channel selections cable TV has to offer.

How Do I Get CBS Today? The provider also carries a number of other sports channels in its fantastic lineup. You can get your fill of the MLB, NBA, and NFL with the best sports programming in the business. If you’re a soccer fan, there are a number of dedicated soccer channels like Fox Soccer. The provider also offers NASCAR coverage along with the National Hockey League. There is also ESPN to help you stay on top of every major sports event.

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