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What happens to you if you don’t get to watch what you want? It’s said that you become what watch – the TV shows or movies you mostly get hooked to affects your mood and personality. Rightly said or not, we’ll discuss this in a while, but wouldn’t it be better to watch all you want with a good cable subscription instead? Charter Cable deals let you do this effortlessly.

It’s said that what you read, listen, or watch affects the mood and even your afterward behavior. So, how generous you are or how rude you become, all has to do with what the neurotransmitters send and receive back to and from your brain.

Let’s think of the TV, movies, games, and books as food – for your mind and soul.

  • Some of it is like doughnuts: you’ll love it but it may leave you cranky – and may not even be your top choice before a strenuous workout (life being the strenuous workout here).
  • While, some are like bars or yogurt smoothies: it will also feel good – but have the added benefit of actually helping you feel better and perform better.

Charter Spectrum Cable TV designs plans as per your liking and needs; the number of channels that can keep you hooked to your TV, the quality of channels that matter, the price that can seem lucrative to you, and your TV viewing needs.

Let’s first see what the findings are in relation to the effect of the content we watch, and then proceed to what Charter cable deals offer:

How Charter Cable Deals TV Content Changes Your Mood

Effects of Negative Content

Negative TV news for as little as 15 minutes can increases anxiety and depression in the mood. While, violent movies or shows can result in an increase in heart rate, blood pressure, and galvanic skin responses – with a short-term increase in aggressive outburst in adults. This makes the adults lose their temper which can exaggerate more after a violent TV show.

Effects of Positive Content

Watching TV shows and video clips with pro-social themes (like people helping others, problem-solving, cooperating and being generous) can lead to more cooperation, more positive attitudes, less aggression, and more altruism(behaviors that do not directly benefit the giver, like “sharing”, “comforting”, “donating” and “offering help”).

Similarly, watching a film about Mother Teresa’s work and focusing on the “loving relationships” in the film afterward OR watching a funny film (non-aggressive), results in increased production of the protective immunoglobulin A (one of our first lines of defense against attacking micro-organisms).

In the same way, our favorite shows and channels have an effect on how we feel afterward. So why not browse through the various Charter Cable deals online or CALL 1-866-200-7855  and speak to a Spectrum customer support representative in order to make the right choice for a TV deal?

Meanwhile, read below for Charter cable deals and see why you’re looking at:

Charter Spectrum Cable Deals Plans

Spectrum TV™ SelectStarting @ $44.99/mo (for first 12 months)

  • Over 125 channels
  • Thousands of On Demand choices, including FREE primetime on demand
  • Subscription required for premium channels
  • Spectrum TV™ app included

Spectrum TV™ Silver $69.99/mo (for first 12 months)

  • Over 175 HDTV channels
  • Thousands of On Demand choices, including FREE primetime on demand
  • Premium channels include HBO® & SHOWTIME®
  • Spectrum TV™ app included

Spectrum TV™ Gold $89.99/mo (for first 12 months)

  • Over 200 HDTV channels
  • Thousands of On Demand choices, including FREE primetime on demand
  • Premium channels include HBO®, SHOWTIME®, Cinemax®, STARZ® & The Movie Channel®
  • Spectrum TV™ app included

Bottom Line

Life is hard. Why make it harder by letting it ALL in? Let’s be choosier about what comes in and comes out. What our body takes in. What our brains should absorb. And what our eyes should watch! Subscribe to a Spectrum Cable TV deal today and explore how it influences your heart!

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