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Christmas Gifts to Suit the Whole Family and Their Hobbies

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Finding the right kind of tech gift for someone you love can be the toughest decision to make. And that said, a Christmas gift that is cherished for a lifetime.

But picking the Holiday gifts can be tricky. Knowing about your family hobbies can be one of the ways of identifying tech additions that can be picked from under the Christmas tree with a great excitement.

Whether the gift includes movies, bicycling, or music craze, you will need time exploring your options. Here’s our list of tech present ideas that you can use for your family this year.

Hobbyist Runner Christmas Gifts

If you have a family member who loves to run, you’re lucky as there are numerous running technology gifts you can choose from. But do check upon the family members collection of gadgets and kit he or she already has, so you won’t find a replica.

How about a good running watch that can also track performance? When you know what you’re doing and how well you’re doing, you can train more effectively. The Garmin Watches are famous amongst the running fans. They have a great battery life and have also evolved over the years, offering a tailored running experience.


VivoActive 3

The Vivoactive 3 is the latest model that has been tested and reviewed for its impressive features. The first of course is: it looks great for casual wear, and beyond the surface lie some seriously good running features.

The watch has a heart rate monitor, motion-cadence detection, and altimeter. The names might just sound technical, especially if you don’t run, but these features are the techniques a runner can use to improve the performance. And of course, it also has a smartwatch that passes notification from your phone.

This means that when you’re on a run you can still be contacted by your wife or by anyone who needs an immediate response. The watch can also be used to control music, which makes it even a greater choice for running fans and for running tech gifts.

Trekz Air Headset

Having the right headphones playing your favorite music is a plus point for runners. While care is also required to ensure the headsets don’t cause danger to the runner by drowning out surrounding noise.

These Trekz Air are a great gift. They not only connect to your phone wirelessly but also sound great. But these headsets use the conduction method to transfer sound to your ears. This latest technique ensures that your ear canal is not blocked and that you can also hear noise or traffic from the surrounding. So you’ll stay safe always!

Although there are a number of other Trekz headphones these new ones are the best version. They are very lightweight and add have a strong grip on he head.

They also come packed in a beautiful packaging that makes them ready and perfect for gifting.

Finally, trainers. Although your loved runners will have their favorite running shoes, already, but don’t wear out that easily.

Nike FreeRun Distance Shoes

A good tip is to see the shoes your family member is already using, so you can choose a swanky color in the new ones. Get the same size! Nike Freerun Distance shoes is an example of shows that last for years.

Opening a fresh pair of kicks on Christmas day would be a welcome gift — particularly if they are in a rare or unusual color.

Road Biker Christmas Gifts

And if the person you want to gift is mostly on roads, then a perfect gift to keep that individual protected and safe is looking into the tech visibility products.

The person may likely have a good bike already, but a visibility product that can make others see the person from far, clearly, can be the best safety gift this Christmas.

Stix Elite and Flux 900 headlights are not only designed for providing a compact solution for being seen and seeing on the road but they also make a great tech gift. You can recharge both these products via USB and offer wide visibility.

The Flux lights are a little expensive, but also get covered for the price with the feature of extra bright light that lasts longer than other lights. Both the Flux and Stix Elite are easy to carry on anything, even bike, and can be easily be recharged.

And a high visibility jacket along with these two products complete the packaging of a great gift bundle.

RBX Elite High Vis Rain Jacket

This Specialized RBX Elite High Vis Rain Jacket is suitable for riders which ensure they can be seen from any distance. These are made by using high tech Platino 70 fabric.

The soft polyamide fabric is both breathable and water repellent. Plus the bright colors ensure the person can be seen in the dark winter nights.

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