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Connect and Reflect: How Internet can Boost your Creativity!

Technology Enhances

You may never have a strong interest in photography. Until smartphones took hold of your megapixel count and you started attaching yourself to a branch of Snappy Snaps. These days, you’re definite to have an account on Instagram full of pictures, some great and artier than others, where you briefly considered subject matter and composition, applied the perfect filter and uploaded the picture. You may not be a passionate photographer or a person even interested in snapping photos. But technology via high-speed internet levered some low-level desire in you to take pictures, facilitated with some awesome yet simple tools, and bestowed upon you a warm and strong feeling of creative fulfillment.

Each and every time you go online, and again with the help of some top Internet service providers, you are bombarded with pieces of evidence of technology allowing you to make things. Around 12 hours of music on Soundcloud, 60,000 Instagram photos, 450,000 tweets, and a hundred thousand posts on Tumblr, all in the space of 60 seconds.

Technology is fueling our creative renaissance and urging us constantly to share our creations. And if on the first assessment, it doesn’t feel good, some of the most carefully designed tools are made available to us that help to add the remaining sheen to our creations.

Computer power makes us feel and look more creative, by shouldering most of the creative burden we carry. Technology bestows us with a sense of feeling great. Technology makes the “Looking OK” become “Perfect”. So, is this the result of human creativity? Or, is it technology that is ingenious?

Let’s walk you through this internet and creativity link to help you understand this better:

How Technology Boosts Your Creativity

This has two basics:

  • Internet helps improve our lives, and it’s doing this every day. It gives entrepreneurs the authority to fund their dreams through funded platforms, students the chance to develop new skills, and allows you to view your favorite TV program with the help of Cable TV subscription or through the online streaming And yet, there are more advanced technologies that have an even greater impact on our mind.
  • Creativity, on the other hand, this is not only helpful for painters and musicians but is also a success source for analysts. It’s not an ambiguous creation of the mind only but is a measurable quality which can be dampened and amplified with the help of tools and scenarios.

Out from the Dark and into the Boardroom

Consider this for an example, companies use the individual creativity of each individual and we realize that creativity comes from different individuals and companies gather that into a single, say email chain, and apply it as required and from dozens of ideas, decide the best route to proceed with. These multiple ideas getting acknowledged by thousands of others is a simple asset of technology.

This example uses three basic components that have great potential in changing the outcome of the information exchange that we have from technology – electronic communication:

  • Letting Everyone Speak

Through advanced technology like electronic means, a team 10 individuals can share their ideas and strategy all at once. Whereas, in a meeting with all people on board, the max face-to-face time a person would have 6 minutes to the max, which would not be sufficient. But with a message board, the cap gets lifted. This method is already applied on dozens of places such as Web forums, social media sites, and electronic contexts.

  • Exchange of Ideas without Reservation

There are a number of Web forums that are huge in presence, harness the power of anonymity and boost creative outcomes. Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, Tumblr, Imgur, etc. A generous number of anonymous users are available on all of these forums that share their ideas and see others doing the same. Such platforms boost user confidence by destroying conventional barriers and letting those that shy away come forward.

  • Bringing in Future Contribution with The Help of Past Records

Every boardroom has an individual taking down notes. This helps the group learn the ideas that were pitched and use them along with feedback. But in such cases, only the note taker has the background record of the discussion. Since it’s impossible for our brains to capture and keep a record of every single detail of every possible meeting. This makes it hard to generate new ideas and still keep the old ones into account.

Google Docs for meetings and other such tools are being used by students and companies for conducting meetings and sharing ideas. This helps to shift the focus to generating new information than spending time in documentation.

Bottom Line

From healthcare to software houses, a huge number of companies are using various creative solutions, as provided by technology, to innovate the growing process. While technology and precisely internet service provides the tools and help that’s necessary for achieving success and meeting demands. And in this current era, having the right knowledge is not enough unless you don’t use the right kind of technology and services.

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