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What Channel is Court TV on Spectrum?

court TV on Spectrum

Crime and drama are the best duos ever. But there’s a world beyond that and its court! Anyone who’s into crime would love to watch expert analysis on the most compelling trials in America. If that’s you, tune in to Court TV on Spectrum cable right away!

The History of Court TV

You could literally be drooling on the juicy trials this network will introduce you to. Court TV was launched in 1991 with the aim to broadcast crime-themed programs. The genre includes true-crime docuseries and legal dramas along with some prominent criminal trials.

In 2008, this channel became TruTv and the idea of court TV just disappeared. However, in 2019, the wish of crime fans came true when this channel relaunched as a digital broadcast TV network. Despite being a digital channel, you can still find the Court TV channel on Spectrum and watch juicy trials.

The broadcast originally included live courtroom trials interspersed with reporters and anchors. It also did a live broadcast of the famous O.J Simpson murder trial. Later on, the network acquired a number of prime-time programs including Forensic Files and Cops. In 2005, the channel decided to split its programming into two. The daytime coverage included trials whereas primetime was all about reality TV series focusing on crime.

Court TV Today

Today, Americans know Court TV as a network that brings high-profile courtroom dramas into their living rooms. The network is devoted to gavel-to-gavel coverage of trials as well as in-depth reporting and expert analysis. If you are a subscriber of Spectrum, you can also live stream Court TV on your Spectrum TV app. The network also produces crime podcasts and news reporting on crime.

Court TV covers so much it will be hard to keep up with their programming schedule if you don’t know what to watch. To make it easier, here are trending Court TV mystery shows to catch up with.

Top Crime Shows on Court TV


It has been 25 years since the OJ Simpson trial and America still haven’t gotten over it. Whether or not you agree with the verdict, one can learn so many things from this case. Hence why Court TV launched the OJ25 series to walk you through the events of the court case.

Yes, you will be digging into the case from the start to the finest. All events are played out in chronological order. Of course, everyone knows the ending but no we don’t know everything that was said in the courtroom, right? It’s still a mystery why the jury acquitted him.

The answers to all your questions are in the OJ25 series. Lots of Americans are already enjoying these series. If you love crime, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the dramatic moments highlighted by these series. Tune in to Court TV on Spectrum to catch up.

Corrupt Crimes

It’s a documentary series that investigates a recent crime story in detail. It starts with dramatic storytelling and the expert analysis takes you deeper into the story. Wondering what type of crimes are covered? The cases include doping in sports, treason, government corruption, crimes of passion, espionage, murder, and conspiracies.


It’s an American political thriller TV series starring Kerry Washington. The show is an ABC production by Shonda Rhimes but Court TV is also broadcasting it these days. It’s in its first season right now. Anyone who hasn’t watched Scandal has the opportunity to catch up with this thriller on Court TV on Spectrum.

The show focuses on a crisis management firm and its staff as well as the White House and its staff. The scandal has a high-profile celebrity cast and the show would just keep you hooked.

Murder and the Menendez Brother

This isn’t technically a show, it’s a podcast that deserves a mention. It’s one of the network’s trending podcasts. The series is centered on the murder of Jose and Kitty Menendez who were killed by Erik and Lyle (their sons). The podcast takes you deep into the story that has captivated the audience for three decades. Each episode reveals a twist and turn.

Vinnie Politian is the host of the series. Menendez’s case was one of the most-watched trials on the networks. That’s why they are doing a podcast series on this case as well. When you are listening to these series, make sure you are away from all distractions. It’s best to let the kids watch Disney Plus in a separate room when you are listening to the podcast.


Court TV has a world of court entertainment for you. When all the analysis and reporting overwhelms you, listen to music on TV One. That should work as a great break from all the drama!

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