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Cybersecurity in 2022- A Complete Guide


What is the future bringing us this year? We seek such answers all the time in various areas of our interest to know more and better. We want to know what is new in every field. This includes the stock market, weather forecasts, cybersecurity, election results, and sports scores. In our personal lives, we ponder about potential career opportunities and relationships. And the list goes is never-ending.

Why Do We Love Predictions?

We love predictions because they prepare us for what’s coming. You can have better chances at success when you know what to expect. People who have a proactive approach towards the future tend to succeed more. Technology is opening numerous new avenues as we head into the year 2019.

Use of robots, artificial intelligence, and big data are becoming common. We are beginning to cure incurable diseases. We are feeding people and searching for new galaxies. The world is undergoing radical changes right in front of us. So far, it seems like 2019 will be the defining year for new transformations in cybersecurity.

What to Expect from Cybersecurity?

Some major advances have happened in this decade. Especially in artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). These will be the driving forces in the evolution of cybersecurity. All the ongoing security chaos in the world currently calls for better security. One major upcoming event is the presidential election in the United States. And we are expecting turbulence.

Isn’t now the best time for the security businesses to flourish. Things are getting more and more perilous globally. And the industry-related people should be more aware of the cybersecurity threats. That makes this year full of opportunities for IoT, security business, and cybersecurity.

Fundamentals of Cybersecurity

Let’s understand some basics first. People actually take proper courses to learn about the fundamentals of cybersecurity. But just to go through the basics, we have a brief review for you. It enlightens you about areas like:

  • Managing and operating an information-security program
  • Risk management
  • Risk assessment
  • Incident handling
  • Planning on business-continuity

These are some of the basics of concepts related to cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity Threats

We are talking about the trends and threats related to cybersecurity in this year. So, here is what to expect:


Phishing will get more sophisticated. For the uninitiated, phishing attacks are digital messages. They are transmitted to fool targeted people into clicking on some link. That installs malware and exposes their sensitive data. People will be able to execute these attacks more flawlessly.


It is a trend involving cybercriminals. It to hijack a third-party work or home computers. Cryptojacking will cause serious issues in performance. It will also cause expensive downtimes. Because IT will have to work harder to resolve these issues.

Evolution of Ransomware Strategies

These attacks are already costing billions of dollars to the victims. Hackers are becoming more and more efficient. They are deploying innovative technologies. They enable them to kidnap the databases of individuals and organizations. Experts are trying to safeguard better. But hackers will become smarter with the ransomware breaches. This is going to be one of many cybersecurity threats that will majorly affect people.

Cyber-Physical Attacks

The technologies, which enable us to computerize critical infrastructure also bring potential risk. They can target and hack transportation systems. They can also hack electrical grids, water treatment services, and so on. This vulnerability is going to increase.

IoT Attacks

IoT is becoming more and more universal with each passing day. By 2020, the number of IoT-connected devices will increase to more than 31 billion. This includes tablets, laptops, webcams, routers, and smartwatches. This also includes household appliances, automobiles, and home security systems.

Attacks, which are State-Sponsored

We talked about the hackers making a profit through stealing corporate/individual data. Well, here is something massive. State-sponsored attacks aim to infiltrate the critical infrastructures of other governments. With the rise in cyber-crimes of all forms, state-sponsored attacks will also increase. This means that critical infrastructure will be at stake.

SMDs and EMRs

Currently, the healthcare industry is in the phase of constant evolution. Most of the patients’ medical records have moved online. Medical professionals clearly realize the unlimited benefits of smart medical devices. This industry adapts to the advancements of the digital age. But the concerns around safety, privacy, and threats regarding cybersecurity are increasing.

Third Parties

As a rule of thumb, third parties, like contractors and vendors always pose a massive risk. That’s true for all corporations. Most of them do not have a dedicated team or a secure system to manage third-party employees. Although the companies try to stay anonymous on the Internet and keep the data secure. The rise in the sophistication of cyber attacks is making organizations more conscious. They are more aware of the risks, which third parties may pose.

Semi-Autonomous Trucks and Connected Cars

We are expecting the driverless, drone cars soon. But we are not yet there. However, connected cars are here. They utilize onboard sensors for the optimization operation. And for passengers’ comfort. This is done via tethered, smartphone, and embedded integration. Imagine your car is connected to your Spectrum Internet while you drive!

This is going to be a popular and prevalent concept. Estimates say that around 90% of the new cars are going to be connected to the internet. This evolution in automobile design and manufacturing brings another solid opportunity for hackers. They can exploit the vulnerabilities in insecure systems. They can harm drivers and steal data. Connected cars bring some serious safety as well as privacy concerns.


You have learned about the fundamentals of cybersecurity and the threats involved. Now, you are all set to face related challenges. If you are related to the industry, you will witness a massive increase in data and some killer robots in action. Chatbots will be more prevalent. There is a fair chance that the next time you type a message or call your Spectrum Internet assist, a chatbot or a robot would respond. Drones will serve many different purposes including being taxis. Get ready to experience radical changes in the world around you.

Welcome to the future!

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