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Does A New Router Improve My internet Speed?

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Whenever you Google or ask for tips to improve the Internet speed, you will hear one common answer, “get a new router.” This must have made you wonder if it is really a good move to boost speed.

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Experts say it helps sometimes and it’s complicated. Let’s look into the matter in detail.

How Fast Is Your Internet Speed?

Before moving onto the router, it’s important to look into the factors that impact how fast or slow your Internet connection is. Three factors affect the Internet speed regardless of the type of connection:

#1: Size of the Pipeline

This is the megabits per second (Mbps) advertised by the Internet service provider. For instance, Spectrum high-speed Internet provides 100 Mbps. the more bandwidth you have, the more data can flow.

Keep in mind upload and download speed varies. Downloading speed is the rate at which data is transferred from the web to the user’s PC. Upload speed is the rate at which data is transferred from the user’s PC to the Internet. By default, the download speed is faster than upload speed.

#2: How Quickly the Data Flows?

How quickly data flows through a pipeline is called latency. In other words, it is the time taken by data to go from your PC through the Internet to a remote server going all the way back.

How is the data moving in the pipeline? Slowly or fast? If the data is moving back and forth quickly, and there is no latency, this means the connection is fast even if the pipeline is slow (10 Mbps),

On the other hand, if the data moves slowly but your pipeline is 25 Mbps or more, the connection is perceived to be slow. This happens when signals have to go all the way up into space and bounce back to the earth (in case of satellite Internet).

#3: Leaks in the Pipeline

This refers to the pathways data takes to reach to and from a remote server. If your ISP is experiencing a service outage and similar other issues, you will encounter packet loss. This will eventually affect the speed you are getting.

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Can a New Router Solve Internet Speed Issues?

Now that you need what constitutes Internet speed, let’s see how getting a new router can boost speed:

Environmental Issues

Sometimes, environmental issues could be impacting the performance of your Wi-Fi. Maybe there are too many obstructions in the room that are impacting the signals.

In such a case, getting a new router can boost the speed and deliver a better user experience.

New Features

Maybe your old router supports older wireless standards like 802.11N or 802.11 G. Upgrading to newer equipment will give a better range and performance. Hence, your Internet speed will improve.

Modern routers have QoS features that make internet connection faster and reliable.

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Some Tips to Boost Internet Speed

There are some ways you can make the most of our router and boost the internet speed especially if you are connected to Spectrum home WiFi:

Reposition the Router

If your router is placed in the corner of the house far away from where you are sitting, change its position.

Place the router in the middle of the house. Ideally, you must be on the same floor where the router is placed. This way, you will be within the signal range and the speed won’t be compromised.

Give the Router a Break

The router could be overworking overtime. When we humans work too much, we burn out, don’t we? We need a break to recharge. Machines need a break too but not up to 8 hours of sleep, a few seconds will do the work.

Consider resetting your router every day. If you have a separate modem and router, reset both devices. This stimulates the connection to the ISP. This won’t turn a slow internet connection into a cheetah but it will improve the performance for sure.

If All Fails, Switch to a New Internet Service Provider

The possibility is the problem is not with your router or its placements. You need more bandwidth or a new Internet service provider. Before switching, it’s recommended to test your internet speed first. Compare it with what speed you signed up for. Test the speed at different times of the day because speed is not always consistent.

Chances are your provider throttles the speed by applying data caps. If you reach the data limit before the end of the month, data caps apply and your speed is influenced. Call your provider to ask about the data caps and other questions about speed.

If you are not the speed you signed up for or your bandwidth needs have increased, consider upgrading the plan. You may also switch to another provider to grab better deals and a reliable connection.

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