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10 Ways to Earn Money by Watching TV

get paid by watching videos

If you are a regular subscriber of online streaming services like Netflix or Hulu or if you love to watch TV, you can get paid to watch selected content. Several TV websites and services offer this opportunity to their regular users. So, while you are stuck indoors due to the Coronavirus pandemic, you can search for such positions online and start making money. Some of these websites/services might require a prior subscription while others can be accessed free of cost.

10 Easy Ways to Get Paid to Watch Videos

Here are a few ways you can start doing so:

Be a Pro TV Watcher

To become a professional TV watcher, you’ll need to have a subscription of cable services like Spectrum TV Gold package to ensure continuous streaming. You’ll have to sit through hours of programming to sort the right shows, movies and news broadcasts for the public.

Your earning range is determined by the kind of service provider that hires you.  For-example “Jimmy Kimmel Live” offered as high as $500-$600 to TV watchers some time ago. Other programs like the “Daily Show” also offer the watchers handsome sums of money.

However, you have to rigorously keep searching for such jobs as there are quite a few of them available at any given time.

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Watch Cooking Shows

Several TV channels offer a range of cooking shows that you can watch during quarantine period.  You can search for channel owners online that offer money for watching these cooking shows. Swagbuck’s video channel is another platform that offers this opportunity to its users. By streaming your favorite cooing shows, you can receive gif cards or cash through PayPal. The first show can earn you around $5.

Watch Netflix Shows

By binge-watching your favorite shows and movies on Netflix, you can earn a lot of money. Netflix pays you after you have successfully watched its content and “tagged” it. Tagging helps this service provider categorize various shows and movies. Such positions are not open most of the time because of their high demand. Another thing to keep in mind is that you need to have a Netflix account to be considered for this position.

Watch Perk TV

You can get paid to watch videos and TV content on the app. You can get your payments in the form of Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy extra gift cards. This app and its payment methods have been reviewed positively by the most frequent users. So, you can install the app and start streaming.

Watch Viggle

Viggle is another platform from where you can earn money by watching TV shows and listening to music. You can joy several benefits like free music videos, gift cards, and cash extra for successfully doing so. The reviews of his app are not positive largely because of very few point redemption options.


On this platform, you can earn money by watching videos, completing surveys, playing games and completing specific searches. Not only that, but you can also open sponsored emails every day to earn more money. Just by signing up, you can earn $5. It has managed to attract a large number of people and most of the reviews of this platform have been positive.

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Watch Ads

If you are a lover of TV shows, movies, and music, you can get paid to watch ads. Just visit the website “” and download an app to start watching ads. After successfully doing so, you’ll get paid in the form of free downloading options for various movies and TV shows.

Watch YouTube Videos

YouTube is another platform that allows you to make money by watching videos. “Paid2YouTube” is the service that makes it possible. Just watch videos on the website, rate them, comment and subscribe to several YouTube channels to earn big bucks. You’ll need to make a PayPal account to receive these earnings.

Nielsen Digital Voice

If you are not a subscriber of cable services such as Charter TV packages that allow you to watch Spectrum free channels on the app, you can consider streaming your favorite shows online. Through the Nielsen app, you can earn money and other rewards for watching videos. Not only that but also you can get your name entered for monthly 10,000 cash prize drawings and earn money through surveys.

Neilsen TV Ratings

If you are passionate about traditional TV, you can become a member of the Nielsen family and rate the TV shows. If you are already a subscriber of this service, the service providers will choose you on their own and send you an invite via the mailbox. By reviewing shows, you’ll be paid a handsome amount.

TV Trivia Games

By downloading the TV Trivia apps like Perk Pop Quiz, you can answer questions related to movies, shows and music albums to get points and earn rewards. You can get Amazon, Starbucks, and Nike extra gift cards. So, if you need some extra cash/ free product any month, you can make the most of this app.

The above prices and details are accurate at the time of this writing. Prices are subject to change at any time by the provider.

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