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What are the Steps to Enable the WPS Button on the Spectrum Router?

enable wps button on spectrum router

Wireless connections are quite easy to use and one can easily connect all devices to a single network. However, one may not prefer to allow access to other users. In such a case, the WPS feature can come in quite handy. You may want to enable the feature on your router that comes with your Spectrum TV box. To find out how you can enable the WPS button on your Spectrum router, read the passages below.

Meaning of WPS and the WPS Button

WPS is the acronym for WIFI-protected setup. The feature allows users to connect their devices easily to the Wi-Fi connection. It also helps to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to one’s Wi-Fi network. Once you set up WPS, you can just select the network on your device and connect to it without entering a password or a pin. You can disable or enable the feature by pressing the WPS button on your router.

Next, log into your network and enter the credentials present on the router’s backside. In the settings menu, find WPS and enable it. Do note that not all providers refer to WPS as WPS. Other names of the feature are Wi-Fi simple config and Quick Secure Set up (QSS) to name a few.

WPS Feature with the TV Box and Router

For Spectrum routers the WPS is very efficient. To enable the feature, simply find the button on the back of the router. Do note that the feature is not enabled by default. Next, you just need to log in to your network account and enable it from there as well.

Users must know that WPS is not a feature for Ethernet-based connections. Some routers may not come with a physical button. They may have a virtual button instead. For that, you will need to login into your network account.

Steps to Enable WPS Feature on Spectrum Router

After locating the WPS button on the back of your Spectrum router, the steps are very simple. All you need to do is follow them step-by-step.

  • Press the WPS button for three seconds. It is present on the back of the Spectrum router that comes with the Spectrum TV box.
  • Release the button after three seconds are over.
  • Some WPS buttons may come with lights. If the button has lights, see if they are blinking. If they are, then the connection is working.
  • Now, go to the Wi-Fi settings of the device. Here, you will find the network. Make sure that the WPS feature is enabled on the network as well.
  • If the WPS feature is enabled on the network and the router, the connection will be set up.
  • Begin using the internet on all your internet-enabled devices. You can connect to the Wi-Fi network without using any password or pin.

These simple steps are quite easy to follow and understand. With successful execution, you will be able to set up WPS.

How to Troubleshoot WPS Button Errors?

At times, your WPS button may not be working. This may be due to Spectrum internet outage due to maintenance work. In such instances, the internet will also be down. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about. In case, the button does not work in the absence of such circumstances, then you can simply follow the steps below to troubleshoot the errors. Make sure to follow them one by one for complete error resolution.

  • Turn your router off. Wait for thirty seconds before turning it on. Repeat the steps above. The WPS feature should work. If it doesn’t, continue following the steps below.
  • Log into your Spectrum account. Use your default password and username credentials to do so. They are normally present at the back of the Spectrum router.
  • There may be a generic username or password such as Admin.
  • Connect to the default network. Look for the wireless search option and click on it.
  • Now, locate the network settings option and click it.
  • Here, you will see two options. They are “easy” and “expert”.
  • Select the easy option. Follow all the steps that follow once you do so.
  • After this, you must be able to connect all of your devices to the internet without facing any trouble. The light of your WPS button will stop flashing after the establishment of the connection.

With the help of the easy steps above, you can easily locate your WPS button. Not only that, you can also enable the feature on both your router and network for easy connection of your devices. Furthermore, if you face any issues then following the steps for troubleshooting. If the problem persists, make sure to call Spectrum customer service number for further guidance. A technician may visit your home for problem resolution.

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