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Everything Related to Online Gaming and Internet Speed

Online Gaming

In the contemporary Digital Age that we live in, it is evidently established that a steady subscription to a high-speed Internet connection is an essential need. The modern households of this advanced generation, are overflowing with fancy gadgets of all shapes and sizes, from iPads, iPhones, MacBooks, to Android Smartphones and tablets.

Online-streaming and Online-Gaming have rather become ways of life. Online-gaming, in particular, has become an addiction for the contemporary generation, and people are not ready to miss even a millisecond of their intense gaming sessions with their eager mates. To execute these adventurous virtual expeditions of Online gaming, the provision of a high-speed Internet is inevitably needed.

And people who are crazy about these Online Gaming sessions, can’t bear with even the idea of having uninvited distortions and fluctuations in Internet Speeds, because, needless to say, a little Internet malfunction or disconnect can lead to losing the whole thing, that they have been striving for. Merely imagining such a scenario can give goosebumps to the Online-Gaming enthusiasts.

The Very Psyche Behind Online-Gaming

If you are a gamer yourself, you know the psyche. Online-Gaming sessions have provided people to prove their ultimate glory, whilst sitting in front of their very screen (without having to take the pain of any strenuous physical sport). So much so, that for real online-gamers, there’s nothing more enjoyable than online-gaming, and it cultivates a sense of achievement, which is matchless.

That’s altogether a different debate that excessive online gaming has rather negative consequences and causes health problems as per scientists, mental health experts, and psychologists, and the risk factors involved with its prevalence. So, for now, we will just stick to the entertainment value that online-gaming provides us.

Internet Speeds and Online Gaming

If you are a gaming enthusiast, you are well-familiar with the surge of fury and frustration that you may experience, when it comes to bearing with a lagging and slow Internet. Online gaming and Internet speeds actually go hand-in-hand, and you can’t experience the sheer joy of it unless you have a steady Internet connection.

For Gaming, a wired Internet connection is preferable. Although most of the wired connections give an average speed of around 100 Mbps, then again, this speed is available only in developed countries. Also, this particular speed is not attainable at all times and is also not affordable for most people. For a Wi-Fi connection, a speed of 20 Mbps is generally good enough for smooth gaming sessions and avoiding annoying disconnects. But most gaming authorities consistently recommend wired connections over wireless (Wi-Fi) connections.

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Minimum and Average Speeds Required for Online-Gaming

For both, Wi-Fi or wired connection, a minimum of 3 to 6 Mbps is required for Online-Gaming. You should know that Uploading and Downloading speeds do not have a huge influence or impact on your smooth Online Gaming experience.

Take this instance: If you are an Xbox One lover, the minimum Download speed that it requires is only 3 Mbps, and upload speed is 500 Kbps; with a ping rate of 150 ms.

Latency and Ping Rate

You must have heard these common terms of Latency and Ping Rate, especially related to Online-Gaming. Latency is basically the delay in response from input into a system to the wanted outcome. Latency highly affects the enjoyable experience with electronic devices, especially when it comes to Online-Gaming and communications. Low Latency is best for online gaming. Similarly, Ping is also almost the same thing, it is the reaction time of the connection, after sending a request. Both are counted in milliseconds (ms). The ideal ping rate for most online games is 15-20ms.

If you’re experiencing a glitch in your gaming, what you can do is; test the Internet speed and ping rate through the applications, particularly designed to calculate Internet Speeds and ping rates. One popular application in this regard is Speedtest by Ookla.

Get to know if You Are Experiencing a Connection Malfunction

1. Internet Overuse – Sometimes the problem is as simple as that. If all the family members are connected to one same connection and bandwidth is overused, you experience glitches in smooth gaming.

2. Router not Configured Correctly – Routers that are particularly of older models, block certain connections because of the security settings. This may lead to not connecting with the gaming server.

3. Latency and Ping Problems – If you are experiencing high ping rates, it may have caused by perhaps, joining various servers or gaming with opponents that are spatially located afar.

What you should do is test your connection and opt for the right Internet connection, preferably with a ping rate of 100ms. And last but not the least, configure your router correctly.

Quick Snippet About the History of Online-Gaming

Online and Electronic Gaming has generated billions of dollars, with billions of subscribers and players around the world. After the substantial increase in the use of the Internet after the 2000s, online-gaming became a whole new level of entertainment and enjoyment for the young generation.

With the advent of ‘Massively Multiplayer Online games’ (MMOs) and ‘Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games’ (MMORPGs), like Everquest, Star Wars Battlefront II, Call of Duty: WWII, Assassin’s Creed, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Deluxe Edition and World of Warcraft, the users and players increased significantly.

The amazing graphics and incredible design of these online-games provide players with necessary entertainment and a feeling of accomplishment since they are playing with other real players.

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Perks of Online-Gaming

The very liberty to enjoy no temporal or spatial boundaries because of the online-mode of playing, and the freedom to adopt different virtual personas, their avatars, makes the whole thing thoroughly entertaining. Also, the social media networking aspect of connecting and interacting with hundreds and thousands of players, from various sociopolitical and racial settings, across the globe is another attractive feature that lures many into this very addiction of Online-Gaming.

Concerns About Online-Gaming

Although there is an ever-increasing and prevalent concern about the level of addiction that online-gamers are reaching, families, spouses, mental health experts, psychologists, and an innumerable number of surveys and studies are being conducted on this very issue, especially in the decade of the advent of the Internet (between 2000 to 2010). But it is still not an officially-tagged addiction, like gambling and drinking, so we are good to go with our gaming experiences. But no to forget, heavy and elaborate Online Gaming addiction is considered a behavioral problem by many.

Smartphones/Gadgets Online Games

Are you a mobile-gaming fan? Or perhaps played one on the social media forums, like Poker? Have you been there when you were about to harvest the ripe crop in Farmville, and your Internet suddenly disconnected? If yes, you know the level of frustration that very disconnect triggered. People play mobile games widely, a few names that spontaneously pop into your head are, Candy Crush Saga, Temple Run, Need for Speed, and the brutal game that killed many, Blue Whale. People are addicted to playing these mobile games, even while traveling, eating, and sitting with friends. And game developers have generated tons of revenue, through these games.

As established earlier, subscription to a steady Internet connection is a major factor to enjoy uninterrupted and intense online-gaming sessions, both on smartphones and systems.

High-Speed Internet Connection is Essentially Needed

Online-gaming is undoubtedly a booming and flourishing market. And it is pretty much in favor of Internet Service Providers. Having said that, if you are someone who is a gaming enthusiast, you cannot deal with a lagging and slow Internet Connection, because that may lead to ruining your entire effort and hard work that you have done whilst becoming a great player through, perhaps, many years. So, you need to have a thorough online search on, high-speed Internet Providers in your area and pick a service that is just accurate for your gaming passions and intense sessions.

Also, you should never neglect the fact that economical monthly billing is very significant for your gaming adventures because you need a steady, as well as budget-friendly solution. So, while looking up the right choice of ISP, read the pricing features thoroughly and calculate the average Internet Cost that will be charged from you as a monthly schedule.

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