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Entertainment Together with Spectrum Triple Play

Spectrum Triple Play - Games and Entertainment

If you have people and the time to play, the only thing you need to do is to hook your screen to Spectrum Triple Play packages. This is one source of on-screen entertainment that bundles three services; Internet, cable, and Phone at the most affordable price. You and your friends and family will quickly make in-home activities your cult favorite.

In-home entertainment, holidays, or even a night stay with buddies, there has to be an on-screen catch! Spectrum Cable Company ensures that you get cash-the-catch!

This may not only save $30 bucks from your pocket for this one night but will also provide a healthier alternative.

There’s no denying that the digital world has added numerous technological advancements into our lives– which can be used to make life better and avail benefits, or can be misused.

But the effects – the debate about how much screen time is healthy has been going on since the very first existence of TV (1950). The arguments continue, to this day, as more and more young people interact with screen-based technologies.

It is less important to focus on screen time limits and more important to focus on screen content quality and the context of how children engage with content across screens.

The MORAL: screen time is not all bad for your kids.

Your kids (yourself included), can learn a ton from TV and from video games. And when kids accompany parents or friends, there can be watching and play together. TV screens can be a window to possibilities and growth.

Coviewing” was a term that originated in the 1980s, by researchers at the Children’s Television Network that discovered the significance of watching TV together. Reduces fear and aggression, while increasing learning and growth.

And these days, in fact, most storytelling is interactive. We are consuming most of our media through internet-connected devices. And technology is so adept at providing ‘adaptive feedback’ that it proves to be an exceptionally effective teaching tool. A very recent study has shown how game-based learning is boosting cognitive learning for students.

This is exactly why this article is enthusiastically focusing on games and entertainment – as the basis for learning. Consider Dragonbox for instance, it teaches young kids to master the basic mechanics of Algebra in under an hour. Interactive learning games are fantastic.

So, why wait when you have so much positive to back you up! Get to know Spectrum Triple Play to watch and play!  There’s no cap to entertainment with Spectrum. But remember, all this is focused on co-viewing. Researchers call it JME: Joint Media Engagement.

Spectrum Triple Play Bundles – Choose Your Best Deal!

Spectrum Triple Play offers competitive deals. You can get High-Speed Internet, HD TV with DVR, and Home Phone with unlimited nationwide calling. All for as little as $114.97 per month for the first year of service.

These bundles are specially designed to meet all sorts of entertainment needs – within affordable price deals. This includes online activities (video streaming, watching movies, chat apps, etc.), cable TV content, and voice. Here are the top Triple play Bundle deals:

Spectrum Triple Play Breakdown

1. Spectrum Triple Play Select

The base Triple Play package comes with a fast 60 Mbps High-Speed Internet. That is impressive for a base package.

125+ channels are included, along with free HD plus Free DVR service. Some notable channels include ESPN®, CNN®, HGTV®, A&E®, and more. But for premium channels, you will need to look to the Silver and Gold packages. Phone service comes with Unlimited Nationwide Calling.

Triple Play Select costs $114.97 for the first 12 months.

2. Spectrum Triple Play Silver

Triple Play Silver is advertised as the best offer of Spectrum Cable Packages.

Like the base package above, Silver also runs at a high speed of 60 Mbps upload and download. But the TV package is much stronger. 175+ channels with free HD Plus Free DVR service. All of the channels listed above are included, plus you get premium channels HBO® & Showtime®. Phone service includes Unlimited Nationwide Calling.

3. Spectrum Triple Play Gold

If you want a complete selection of TV channels, the Gold package will be your friend. 200+ channels with free HD Plus Free DVR service. Even more, premium channels are included. HBO®, Showtime®, and Cinemax®… PLUS Starz®, Encore®, Epix®, and TMC®.

This package features the same fast 60 Mbps download/upload High-Speed Internet. Phone service again features Unlimited Nationwide Calling.

Chosen your entertainment package? CALL Spectrum Customer Care 1-866-200-7855 for understanding more!

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