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How to Get Internet without Cable?

internet without cable

Are you out there wondering if you are able to keep your internet services if you cancel your cable TV subscription? Is it even possible to get internet without cable?

With so many cable companies enticing customers with their bundled offers, sometimes, it can get challenging to find a company that’s offering internet service only. It’s tough but not impossible. Let’s learn how.

When it comes to receiving internet access, many homes have found inventive ways to save money by eliminating large cable companies or phone service providers entirely. As technology has advanced, there are a growing number of options for getting high-speed internet without having to pay for cable or phone service. These steps explain how to get started:

Find an Internet Service Provider

To begin, you must first determine which providers are offering internet-only services in your area. Even if there are few options, shopping around and talking to multiple ISPs might work to your advantage because many internet providers provide introductory rates and sometimes rebates for switching to their service.

List their names and contact numbers. Find out what each ISP in your area has to offer by calling them. Use your current provider’s offerings as a benchmark to compare the price and speed.

Ask about installation and equipment expenses as well. No one wants to be surprised by additional charges on their first bill following installation.

Do a Price Comparison

By this step, you will have a list of providers with complete details about what they are offering. Before you get lured to temporary offers like free internet TV channels, make sure you do a price comparison.

Some big-name telecom firms are known for overcharging clients for basic services and equipment, or even misleading customers by burying clever loopholes in the small print which allows them to charge for services that they claim are free.

Don’t jump into signing the contract right away. You should ask the internet service company several questions. Start with these questions:

  • Is unlimited data available? If not, what’s the data cap? What happens if you exceed the monthly data cap?
  • How reliable is the internet connection?
  • Will there be a contract? If so, what contract lengths are available? Is there a fee for terminating the service earlier?
  • Is the price likely to go up once the promotional period is over?

Decide the Speed

When it comes to choosing the best internet service provider without cable or phone, network speed is always the deciding factor. That isn’t to argue that being faster is always better. Many homes do not require a high-speed internet connection for their daily needs. However, if you want to stream audio or video or play games online, you’ll need a relatively fast connection.

If you only plan on browsing the web and responding to emails, you don’t have to buy. Reports have revealed that rates as low as 5 Mbps are sufficient for one person to stream Netflix. Therefore, don’t be discouraged if a high-speed connection isn’t accessible in your location. Pick the speed based on your internet lifestyle and budget.

Some Leading Internet-Only Providers to Check Out

Looking for internet-only providers? Check these recommendations:

Charter Spectrum

America’s leading telecom provider, Spectrum’s internet-only plans start at $49.99 per month for download speeds of 200 Mbps and upload speeds of 10 Mbps.

They charge on a monthly basis (no contracts) and there are no data caps. Instead of asking the customer to rent a modem, Spectrum provides you with one for free. It does offer to rent you a modem with a Wi-Fi router for $5 a month, but most people would rather buy an excellent piece of equipment for less than $100.

Depending on the internet plan you subscribe to, with Spectrum, 4k streaming is possible too. Their customer support is reliable too.

Google Fiber

Google Fiber is a fast-growing Internet service serving customers in cities around the United States. Their basic tier, called the Fiber 100 plan, offers speeds of up to 100 Mbps. With this plan, you can connect up to five devices and there are no data limits. With this plan, downloading a complete HD movie with your Google WiFi takes roughly six minutes.

The availability of plans and their costs varies depending on the city you live in.


Xfinity Internet is available in 39 states and their best serving areas include Minneapolis, San Francisco, Phoenix, New York, Miami, and Atlanta.

Comcast’s internet, TV, and phone service are now known as Xfinity, a brand name it adopted in 2010. Internet-only deals are available. Xfinity is recommended for high-speed internet buyers. Even the ISP’s entry-level plan called the Starter plan that offers 50 Mbps download speeds is better than DSL.

Wait, there’s a catch! More than one actually. Some Xfinity plans demand a one-year contract, while others require a two-year commitment. Some plans don’t tie you down with a contract but they may not be available. Aside from that, you’ll have to deal with a monthly data cap, and you can expect your plan’s price to increase, especially after the introductory period is over.

Summing Up

As you can see, it’s quite possible to get internet access without cable. You can stay connected through various types of internet connections which include satellite, DSL, fiber optic, or mobile hotspot. With this in mind, comparing the different providers in your area is a good idea so you can get the best internet deal.

Another important thing to mention here is don’t let the fact that you need a home phone stop you from cutting the cord and signing up for an internet-only plan. You can now connect a phone to the internet and use it as a landline phone thanks to the VoIP technology. One of them is Skype! Other than this, some companies are willing to bundle internet and phone plans as well. There is no harm in asking your preferred ISP if this option is available.

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