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Giving Tuesday is an Opportunity to do Something Big!

Giving Tuesday November 28

It’s that perfect season where everyone and everywhere you look is seen smiling, and – asking you to donate! Today (Nov 28) is marked as Giving Tuesday, more commonly has come to be known as, #GivingTuesday. Celebrated on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, this is day of charities.

This is the sixth year for the charitable day and as compared to the previous years, it’s fueled strongly by social media. Just when it may feel that social media may be spreading more fake news, causing harm than good, causing depression, or inciting hatred – #GivingTuesday is one big example of great collaboration to effect positive change.

And most of us want to donate. But this common dilemma of understanding details; why should you give? What should you give? And how you should give? – are our ways of letting the day go by taking doing anything. So here’s the deal, let’s walk you through this simple guide to help you understand the reasons for giving on this day and a plan that may work for you!

By the way, the time’s short, so go through it quickly and make yourself be among the 45,000 organizations from 71 countries that come together in celebrating Giving Tuesday annually.

What is Giving Tuesday?

#GivingTuesday is a global day that brings people together for the purpose of values and giving back. This holiday started in 2012 by the 92nd Street Y – a cultural center in New York City – purposed for connecting diverse group of communities, individuals and organizations from around the world, to encourage charitable giving on Social media.

A number of founding partners and a team of influencers joined hand-in-hand to collaborate across different sectors, working hard with expertise, to bring #GivingTuesday a realistic picture and strengthen it for growth.

What is Giving Tuesday?

Just like the previous year, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is partnering with Facebook to gather donations of $2 million and give it to US nonprofit organizations. Facebook’s charitable-giving tools will become active from 8am EST and will match $1,000/fundraiser and $50,000/nonprofit donate button.

Last year, $168 million donations were made by people from around the world for #GivingTuesday. 2016 donations showed a 44% increase from 2015 donations, while millions of others used other ways of doing something charitable. The two years together broke Guinness World Record for donating the biggest amount online in 24 hours.

This Giving Tuesday, Here’s How to Get Involved

1 – Plan for a Guilt-Free Giving

Let yourself sit down and think through it. This year your giving will be driven by thought.

You must have seen the ‘requests for donations’ – almost everywhere. The Red Cross in mailboxes, troop of girl scouts knocking on your door, and charity coin boxes from various organizations are some of the freely available options to make donations.

Plan for a Guilt Free Giving

Now, the main factor here is to donate without any social pressure and the fear of being judged.

Let’s believe this for a moment, that you are able to GIVE. What in particular? That’s a separate story now. And most of us are able, so why confuse this with what and how much? Having a plan is not the point, but keeping yourself prepared is the focus.

2 – Why Should You Give?

A bit of this is discussed above, and the remaining is: giving is the secret to happiness!

But whether you’re making a donation to a charity, putting together and investment portfolio, unless you don’t know why you’re giving, it simply becomes difficult in understanding how to give and what to give!

Why should You Give on 'Giving Tuesday'?

Your reason to give is the foundations for you to give!

When you become clear of the reason why giving is important to you, your giving becomes more easy and rewarding. When something is done with intention or passion, it becomes enjoyable.

3 – What Should You Give?

Hugs, clothes, checks, coins, you can simply give anything – let’s consider what you can give.

The third step is to understand what you can give and afford. There is no formula to measure the quantity or amount of what you can donate. However, we can all come up with various things to give away.

Give Love on this 'Giving Tuesday'

Some people might follow the old-age tradition of giving, say 10 percent of the income, while some people may just find clothes appropriate for giving it away. But remember, money is not the only thing you can donate!

Giving someone an experience may be worth any money! It’s free and won’t burden your mind either.

You can serve someone with dinner to show gratitude and that might just be the thing that person had waited for. Think of what you can do to make others happy, bring smile on their faces, cover their needs, or adds value to their current living.

Something as simple as music, a shelter, a pet, a cleaned door way, or anything can have a huge impact. Take few minutes, sit quietly, and thing over it. What can you give on #GivingTuesday?

NOTE: As a great global movement, #GivingTuesday is purposed on uniting countries from around the world by simply sharing to our capacity to empower one another.

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