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The Greatest Baseball Moments of 2017

The Houston Astros' first World Series 2017 ChampionshipCHRON.COM

2017 was a huge start for baseball. The most iconic baseball moments lasted and left memories.

Those, that left players, coaches, and fans enthralled, captivated, and amazed; we’re listing these moments down.

Some of these iconic moments were about great starts that gave a lead and also left messages that resonated throughout the gameplay. Some were the benchmarks in the history of baseball: warm and touching that left tears in eyes.

While some were the moments that make us fall in love with America. The moments that could only happen once, and they deserve to be cherished…

The beginning of 2017, in regards to baseball, was all about Chicago Cubs. The Cubs won the World Series like no other, leaving other sports stories behind.

Albert Pujols Hitting No. 600 – El-Hombre did not have the best season. The year 2017 was the first to give him OPS-plus of under 100 of his entire career, and his slash lines were career lows in the available categories. But Pujols did things that others hadn’t done. On 3rd of June, he took a 600th home run, becoming the 9th player in the baseball history. And the youngest as well. Pujols is 82 RBIs away from 2,000, being the 4th player for reaching this number. At this moment he is with Angels for four more years and requires 37 more runs on average for tying Barry Bonds for the most home runs of the history.

Edinson Volquez’s No-Hitter – The only no-hitter he gave was in 2017, with one in 2016, five in 2014, and seven in 2015. His no-hitters seem to stop, but what will 2018 have?

Jeff Bagwell and Tim Raines Finally Made the Hall – Both took longer than they should have, but both all-timers, finally entered the Cooperstown. Bagwell barged in through the door, while Raines just sneaked in – leaving Astros fans mesmerized.

Marlins – The entire year was eventful for Marlins, they had a no-hitter in 2017, grieved over the loss of franchise icon, were sold, and even watched the best hitter make 59 home runs, and then they traded the best hitter. How eventful will 2018 be for them?

Dodgers Make Wolrd Series – The biggest highlight of the season was World Series. It was even breathtaking for dodgers, regardless of what happened afterward. They haven’t made the Fall Classic ever since the past 30 years. Although they didn’t make it all the way, they did take a step that made their fans smile for once.

Dodgers Make Wolrd Series

The Indians Won (22 in a Row) – 2017 started off with Indian’s taking the lead and did seem like their year on the whole. August and September were their winning months with winning 22 games straight. The month was giddy and probably only missed the World Series by the end.

Aaron Judge Took a Lead – You might find it hard to believe that Judge hit .179 with strikeouts in 2016, but he did explode onto the scene. He became larger-than-life Yankee hero that no one could think of. He became such a big attraction that he revitalize the Yankee franchise with Giancarlo Stanton by his side now. 2017 was a blast for Yankee fans with Judge being the most mythic folk hero.

The World Series – No doubt the last two games of the World Series became a chaos. But heavens, after the game 5, it seemed like the most amazing World Series of baseball ever. It stands to be the most viscerally thrilling game and keeps the 5th position, but in 2017 baseball was at its best.

The World Baseball Classic – The WBC did struggle at the start for stable footing, but 2017 was the year for it to become the nightly fever dreams of high stakes and high-emotion baseball. It used to have odd timing, incomplete lineups, and unconventional rosters, now no one can wait for the next one.

Astros – Yes it was 2017 was the year of Astros. The Astros won their first ever World Series in 2017, it may not be winning the World Series, but it was close. Astros have waited for this for a very long time, only waiting to win this opportunity and leave everybody to astound and create some iconic baseball moments for the world to cherish. The Astros are no longer a part of the group that never won the World Series. Let’s wait and see what 2018 has for them?

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