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How to Help Seniors Video Call During Coronavirus?

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The COVID-19 pandemic has made several ISPs provide free Internet services and relaxation in payments. For example, the Charter has pledged under FCC to waive off any late fees of plans like the Spectrum Internet assist program during the COVID-19 pandemic. While because of such benefits, young people can easily stay in contact with each other through various video calling apps, the seniors remain vulnerable and isolated.

But we can bridge the social and technological gap by helping seniors learn how to video call.

How Video Calling Can Help Seniors?

Video calling can help seniors feel less lonely while social distancing. It’s one thing to talk to your loved ones on the phone and another thing to see their face. And by familiarizing seniors with technology, you can even help them to stay connected with their friends, participate in online book clubs and video dinners extra. It will lessen the feelings of loneliness and improve their mental health. So, you can help seniors pass their time effectively during the Coronavirus pandemic.

What Challenges Could They Face?

While it may be a great idea to familiarize seniors with technology, it can be a frustrating experience at the same time. The lack of access, skills, and knowledge about the technology and latest advancements can be big obstacles in this process.

You should be prepared for things like forgotten passwords or inaccurate signup attempts. Therefore, you should save their password in the “Notes” app on their mobile and complete the signup process by yourself to lessen their troubles.

You should also practice patience while explaining technical concepts to them. Politely repeat an instruction if they don’t get it the first time. If the seniors are intimidated by technology, make sure to explain its usefulness politely and patiently. The motivation to stay connected with family can surely make them learn things fast.

Which Devices Are the Right Ones?

If the screen size of a phone is too small, it can be difficult for seniors to use it effectively. Prefer a big screen size while buying a mobile for seniors. You can also buy them a tablet instead as it is a great device for video calls. It is also inexpensive and offers more flexibility than a laptop or a computer.

Other options can be buying a “GrandPad” for seniors. It has a very simple user interface and also a pre-installed video software. If the interface is not an issue, you can buy devices like Amazon Echo Show or Portal extra.

Which Apps Are the Right Ones?

The apps can vary depending upon the kind of device. If the seniors at your home have iPhones or iPads, then they can easily use the FaceTime option. You won’t need to install an app because every iPhone device comes with a pre-installed FaceTime.

If, however, the seniors have android phones or tablets, then they can opt for the Skype or Google Duo option. If they have a laptop or a computer, Skype is the preferred app.  If the end goal is to involve each member of the family, then you should download Zoom for them. However, you should make sure that no one else has access to these video-calls. For this purpose, you can install a VPN on their device and help them engage in social activities securely.

How to Walk Them Through the Process?

Once you have selected the device and the app, the next step is to get the app up and running. Make sure that you’re on the phone with the elderly while helping them with this process. A great thing to do can be to have the same device in front of you as well. In this way, you’ll be able to explain every step efficiently.

If they are having difficulty understanding the installation process, you can send them screenshots. Screenshots can help them figure out the exact steps to follow. If, however, this doesn’t work, you can use “Team Viewer” to see and manage their screen from a distance.

How to Overcome Technical Problems?

If the seniors encounter technical difficulties, never ask them to search for a solution through a search engine. The Internet is full of scams and a wrong click can land them into a lot of trouble.

If they are a user of Internet service like Charter and are encountering service issues, ask them to contact the ISP through Spectrum customer care phone number. If they are not able to do so on their own, do it for them and try to get the issue resolved timely. If they are having technical difficulties with the device, you can reach out to the device provider on their behalf or talk to a computer technician to get the issue resolved.

How to Enhance the Quality of Video Chat?

That’s all you need to know about helping the seniors with the video calls. If, however, they are encountering quality issues, you can resolve them as well. Ask them to sit in a well-lit room so that they can have a great video-calling experience. If they are having sound quality issues, buy them headphones so that outside noise can be canceled and they can hear their loved ones easily.

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