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What Channel is HLN on Spectrum Cable?


For the informed American, news broadcasts are a must-have source of information. This is why news channels are so popular with TV plans, such as HLN on Spectrum. Yes, most people get their news needs filled on social media. But these are mostly blog posts with catchy headlines designed around currently popular topics. So broadcast news channels remain by far one of the most reliable, and usually unbiased, source of information on many current affairs.

Read on to find out more about HLN and where you can find it on your Spectrum cable plan.

What Is HLN?

HLN was originally launched as CNN2 in 1982. At the time, it was intended to be a sister channel to CNN. This is evident in its early programming. The network cycled various news segments relating to weather, sports, business, and politics. Throughout the day, these segments would be updated with the latest relevant development. This worked well in ensuring that people spent more time on the channel. The original format included segments that aired around the clock every 30 mins.

However, HNL was wise to continue to evolve with changing needs. This is also the primary driver behind the rebranding to HLN from CNN. HLN is an acronym for Headlines News Network. The schedule and format of programming also began changing. The network began to include primetime segments in 2001. At the same time, it replaced the rolling news cycle with a series of live-broadcast programs. Several of these programs featured pundit-style formats, anchored by a newscaster.

The most current version of HLM in 2021 is even more evolved. The network is now centered around social media news. As a result, the content the network features primarily relates to specific news on social media that is generating significant buzz. Moreover, it currently has two programming blocks. The daytime programming consists of high-focus entertainment and crime stories, as well as regional headlines. And the remainder of the programming is built around true crime news and re-enactions.

Which Spectrum Plans Come With HLN?

HLN features news, TV shows, and documentaries that focus on true crime. Most of the general public has a fascination with this type of content. So it makes sense that as a subscriber, you would want to know which Spectrum TV plans include HLN in their channel lineup. After all, you should choose a TV plan based on your entertainment preferences.

As one of the largest cable providers in the United States, Spectrum offers some of the best channel lineups in the business. These lineups have a well-rounded selection of sports, entertainment, lifestyle, nature, and reality TV channel. And yes, they include access to many popular news networks as well. Spectrum currently offers 3 different cable TV plans. You’ll be pleased to know you can get this news channel on the Spectrum channel list for all three plans, namely TV Select, TV Silver, TV Gold. The last two tiers also offer you access to several premium entertainment networks as well, included in the cost of the plan.

What Channel Is HLN On Spectrum?

If you have an appetite for true crime and docuseries, HNL is the channel for you. It can serve as a great supplement to the similar content you binge on Netflix or Amazon. But you may be missing out on high-quality content if you don’t know where the channel is located on your plan. One way is to check out the provider’s TV Guide, which will show you every channel from NBC to INSP on Spectrum. But it may take some time before you locate the channel you need. To save time, here is a list of channel positions featuring HLN in major Spectrum service areas:

City/State Channel Number City/State Channel Number
Albertville, AL 44 Bergen Co, NJ 61
Yakima, WA 856 Albany, NY 47
Clarksburg, WV 26 Charlotte, NC 33
Milwaukee, WI 11 Grand Island, NE 18
Cheyenne, WY 33 Carson City, NV 45
Barre, VT 752 Lancaster, NH 25
Richlands, VA 24 Duluth, MN 30
Austin, TX 47 St. Louis, Missouri 39
Alcoa, TN 42 Billings, MT 32
Corry, PA 13 Bangor, MN 30
Columbia, SC 34 Worcester, MA 42
Greensboro, NC 31 Greenville, MI 31
Akron, OH 26 Bourg, LA 42
Dallas City, OR 55 Lexington, KY 31

The daytime block is primarily new programming. But once that is over, there is a rollercoaster of documentaries, crime shows, and movies. Some of the best shows to check out on HNL include: Top Shows to Catch On HLM

Forensic Files II

The first season of Forensic Files met with such great success they had to renew this true-crime series for two more exciting seasons. Prepare for lots of detective work and shocking revelations.

Lies, Crimes, and Video

This show is all about showing firsthand video and audio recordings concerning terrifying crimes. Viewers look at real-life recordings of real 911 calls, surveillance videos, and even investigations. The docu-series consists of 8 parts, all of which are gold for the budding crime detective.

Real-Life Nightmare

Covering some of the strangest disappearances and investigations in the US, this show can even make the most seasoned viewer anxious. It covers things from people who disappeared forever to investigations that have been open for decades. Get ready for some sleepless nights.

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