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What Channel is Investigation Discovery on Spectrum?

investigation discovery on Charter spectrum

ID or Investigation Discovery was launched 23 years ago in 1996. Owned by Discovery, Inc., the channel is fairly popular for its distinct kind of content. This American pay-TV network features programming in documentary-style based on true crime events. The primary subject is homicides or attempted homicides. Investigation Discovery on Spectrum is aired in HD due to its high demand and popularity.

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According to Wikipedia, this channel is currently reaching around 86,062,000 households in America. It covers crimes of various violent nature such as stalking, kidnappings, domestic violence, sexual assaults, arsons, and mysterious disappearances. If action, thrill, justice, and investigations interest you, this is the channel for you. The thematic feel of the channel makes it distinct. No wonder the Investigation Discovery has a massive following!

Real Action on Investigation Discovery on Spectrum

Investigation Discovery channel has come a long way! It has evolved and matured while changing different names such as Discovery Civilization Network: The World History and Geography Channel, Time Traveler, Discovery Civilization Channel, and Discovery Times. At different stages, they realized how significant it could be to add programming about current events, contemporary history, and true incidents. And it escalated the channel’s following immensely.

It is now rebranded as Investigation Discovery and viewers are in love with its rare nature of the content. Today, it has a variety of sister channels, which are also big names. Some instances are Animal Planet, American Heroes Channel, Discovery Channel, Destination America, DIY Network, and the list goes on. For Investigation Discovery in different cities and states, the Spectrum channel lineup guide is quite helpful.

City/State Channel # City/State Channel #
Albertville, AL 78 Bergen Co, NJ 138
Yakima, WA 858 Albany, NY 82
Clarksburg, WV 83 Charlotte, NC 76
Milwaukee, WI 69 Grand Island, NE 59
Cheyenne, WY 77 Carson City, NV 17
Barre, VT 795 Lancaster, NH 83
Richlands, VA 168 Duluth, MN 17
Austin, TX 23 St. Louis, MO 22
Alcoa, TN 75 Billings, MT 77
Corry, PA 20 Bangor, MN 83
Columbia, SC 94 Worcester, MA 22
Greensboro, NC 76 Greenville, MI 52
Akron, OH 67 Bourg, LA 75
Dallas City, OR 73 Lexington, KY 50

Even if your state is not mentioned in the aforementioned table, you can easily look up online and figure it out.

Top Shows on Investigation Discovery

You must have seen memes and snippets of some of the popular shows from ID on social media. The shows on the channel are true to life and therefore, are trending massively. If you are watching Investigation Discovery on Spectrum, your experience will be further enhanced by the HD picture quality. Check out some of the binge-worthy titles below.

Evil Lives Here

Currently airing season 6, this true-crime show takes you by surprise by unfolding chilling scenarios. Based on real events and actual stories, the series is about those people whose loved ones turned into murderers. Every hour-long episode takes you on a weird little ride. You end up putting yourself in the shoes of the protagonist who goes through the whole process of figuring out how their loved one has a dark dark side. They begin by noticing things amiss. And then continue to interpret puzzling clues and signs, eventually figuring out and facing the horrible truth.

You will be glued to the screen when you see the firsthand accounts and exclusive interviews of the partners. The show throws light on undiscussed consequences of vicious acts on the people who have spent years nurturing, loving and raising a murderer. A must-watch!

Homicide Hunter

Based on the first-hand experiences of Lt. Joe Kenda, who spent 23 years in the Police Department of Colorado Springs, the show is full of homicide investigations. In its 8 seasons, the protagonist reopens his long-closed murder books. In every hour-long episode, he unfolds how he caught a killer from his 400 homicide cases.

He is still haunted by revisiting the disturbing cases. As he narrates those experiences, he also embarks on his own journey in an effort of coming to terms with his suppressed nightmares. A must-watch. You can also catch its reruns on Investigation Discovery Channel on Spectrum.


The show has 8 seasons. Disappeared is based on thousands of victims who go missing each year in the United States. All they leave behind is nothing but mysteries without any clues. You end up empathizing with friends, family members, and investigators who tried to solve the case. Every hour-long episode recounts the final stages, which led to the disappearance of the person in question. The show also features interviews with forensic specialists and psychologists giving new insight into various missing cases. Thrilling and grasping!

Deadly Women

You may call this series of 13 seasons, a sexist show. Because it is based on the most lethal women murderers and their lives. Crime writers, reporters, and detectives reveal some horrifying truths behind the lives and psyche of these ferocious women. You will witness some of the most cold-blooded and perfect murders ever committed in the history of mankind!

Whether you decide to watch these incredible shows with a cable TV subscription or you buy it as one of the pay per view channels, you are going to be awed by the quality of these shows. Happy watching!

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