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What Channel is Lifetime on Spectrum?

lifetime on spectrum

Have your girlfriends recently told you that you should be watching Lifetime because it’s a channel for ladies? It has a huge catalog of entertainment whether it is TV shows or movies. It’s time you get yourself a subscription to Lifetime on Spectrum if you want to see women in leading roles.

Lifetime on Spectrum & Its Female Oriented Programming

Lifetime is a popular American pay-TV. It is jointly owned by the Walt Disney Company and Hearst Communications. When the channel was released, it branded itself as the talk TV. You could get your hands on a variety of talk shows and call-in programs. The leading hosts used to be popular authorities like Dr. Ruth Westheimer, and Regis Philbin.

In the 1988s, Patricia Fili was hired as the head of programming. She changed 60% of the programming of Lifetime. A signature Lifetime talk show called Attitudes was created that refocused on current female issues. From there, movies and shows on females started programming. Lifetime even started women’s sports coverage.

If you are interested in watching Lifetime on Spectrum, the channel lineup depending on different states would be helpful

Channel Name Los Angeles Florida Laurel Lane
Lifetime 47 40 27
Lifetime Real Women 174 157 136

What’s on Lifetime Real Women?

LRW is a complimentary service of the main Lifetime network. It’s launched for the women’s network market. It features comedies, dramas, game shows, how-to, reality programming, etc. This network is currently carried through Satellite. It’s not provided by cable carriers.

Lifetime Programming

If you like Hallmark movies and TV shows, you will adore the programming on Lifetime. It airs a mix of original broadcast content such as films, reality shows, dramatic programming, and 2nd run syndicated series. If you are looking for high-quality entrainment and even informational content, Lifetime brings the best of that to you. It’s programming also advocates issues that affect women and their families. So, be prepared to get a little extra dramatic watching Lifetime on Spectrum.

Apart from the above-mentioned programming, you can catch women’s professional sports on the network as well including the National Women Soccer League.

Best Shows to Watch on Lifetime

Channels like CW have produced amazing shows such as America’s next top models. You are definitely going to add new shows on your list of favorite shows to binge-watch. Here’s what you would like on Lifetime:

1. Dance Moms

Dance coach Abby Lee Miller trains children between 6 and 14 to dance. The contestants are taken to various dance competitions. The success of the show is because of the drama and conflict among Coach Miller and the moms. It’s also interesting to watch the girls grow and improve their dancing skills. Miller is strict but she is great at motivating the girls to help them realize their potential and dance.

2. My Crazy Ex

My Crazy Ex is a great depiction of one bitter reality – a platonic or romantic relationship can be a dangerous thing especially after it ends. The show tells the stories of those who have revisited their past relationships. You will see people’s behavior to such a point that reaches the level of being extreme. Each episode is 1 hour long and it describes true-life events. If you are thinking of getting back with your ex, this show is going to remind you that it’s not a good idea.

3. Unreal

It’s another reality show that is full of drama. It’s one of those shows that has more drama behind the scenes than in front of the camera. Here is how the show goes – the executive producer asks her staff to get dramatic footage for her show. This forces their young producer Rachel to manipulate the contestants to get the final cut of the show. The staff members are dealing with their own romantic predicaments on the show’s set. If you like such drama, make sure your Spectrum Double Play package has Lifetime.

4. Bring It

Bring It is an American dance reality TV series. Coach Dianna Miss D Williams and her dancers compete against the rivals. The show walks you through the set of challenges Dancing Dolls of Jackson, Mississippi have to face get to the top. Along with the dancers, you will also see their mothers helping them prepare for the competition. The battles are often nail-biting so prepare yourself to get hocked just the way you get hooked when watching shows on CBS.

5. Child Genius

It’s an American reality competition series. The show features 20 children across the country. They are competing for a $100k college fund and the title of child genius. These children have to go through a set of challenges for testing their knowledge on geography, math, spelling, human body, astronomy, current events, vocabulary and more. This show is definitely going to boost your knowledge.

Lifetime on Spectrum is not just available for the US audience. It’s also available internationally. The international versions of Lifetime are available in Canada, UK, Latin America, Israel, Africa, Australia, Turkey, and a few more countries.

If the list of these reality TV shows sounds interesting to you, then tune into Lifetime today. Contact Spectrum customer service to find the channel lineup in your state.

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