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What Channel is NBC on Charter Spectrum?

nbc on spectrum

Do you relish watching the latest shows and movies along with keeping yourself updated with the latest happenings? Well, NBC on Spectrum offers you this and much more. NBC Network consists of a huge variety of channels including individual channels for sports and news.

Viewing Choice by NBC on Spectrum

You will find a huge range of channels to choose from if you opt for the NBC Network. Some of the prominent names include Bravo, CNBC, Oxygen, E!, and Universo. All you need to do is subscribe to the most suitable Spectrum TV package for yourself. In case, you want to make it convenient for yourself to tune into NBC Network’s various channels, here’s a table for your guide:

Channel Name New York Maine Florida Ohio
NBC 04 06 02 04
NBC Sports Network 314 65 49 59
NBC Universo 42 898 163 805

Popular Shows on NBC Network

The list of shows varies according to the channel that you tune into. However, there is not a single channel in the network on which you won’t find interesting shows. So, you do not need to rely on Showtime or other channels to entertain you. Some prominent names include Days of Our Lives, America’s Got Talent and The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.

Days of Our Lives

Does the name ring a bell? If you thought that Days of Our Lives was a fictional show that Joey from FRIENDS starred in, you were wrong all this time. It is an actual show. The fact that it is one of the longest-running scripted series in the history of American television shouldn’t come as a surprise even.

To be very exact, the show’s been running since 1965. Woah. The series revolves around the story of two main families- the Bradys and the Hortons. Over time, several other families were added to the series as well. And some of them are still a part of the show. You won’t find that old a show on any other channel including CBS on Spectrum.


If you have an interest in knowing about what happens in the political world, then Pearson is the shows for you. It is a political drama series. Created by Daniel Arkin and Aaron Korsh, the show is a spin-off of the famous show Suits.

The show premiered in July this year and stars Gina Torres. The story revolves around Torres who continues to play her role as Jessica Pearson after she enters the world of Chicago politics. You can always take a break from these shows and tune in to FOX to enjoy watching some hit movies. However, the list of shows on the NBC Network is just too interesting.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

This is a reality talk show as we all know. Jimmy Fallon puts in all his efforts to make the audience laugh. The celebrity guests that he invites to his show entertain the audiences 59very well too. Premiering in 2014, the shows have garnered a lot of positive and some not so positive reviews.

The show is a franchise of The Tonight Show and Jimmy Fallon happens to be the sixth host. You can catch this show on weeknights but that may clash with your favorite TV series on HBO.

NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt

As for news lovers, there is a special program. In this news show, Lester throws light on all the major international and national issues that happened during the day. So, this is a very good way for you to keep yourself posted about all the latest happenings.

NBC Universo on Spectrum for Hispanics

If you are a Hispanic or have a love for Spanish shows, then there is a separate channel for you. The shows offered on the channel are of course Spanish. You can take a break from all the usual shows and movies and tune into NBC Universo on Spectrum to relish a different genre.

List of some of the prominent shows include:

  • El Socio
  • The Riveras
  • Latinx Now!

However, if you are a sucker for sports, you have ESPN for yourself. But that is not the only option that you have on hand. The BC Network has something to offer to you as well.

Catch NBC Sports Network on Charter

If you wish to keep up with all the news in the world of sports, NBC Sports is your go-to the channel. The channel features all the major sporting events including NFL Network, NHL, and NBA. Apart from that, you can also catch up on the live-action related to soccer, golf and much more.

All you need to do is tune in to NBC Sports Network on Charter and enjoy the live streaming of all the events or matches that you wish to.

In case, you need any help with any of the deals or the package that you should opt for, then do not hesitate to contact a Spectrum Customer service rep. The staff will guide you well.

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