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Optimum vs. Spectrum: Everything You Need to Know

Optimum vs. Spectrum

Thinking about choosing an Internet or TV service for your home? You are reading the right thing. Both Optimum and Spectrum offer the most amazing Internet and TV packages to their customers. But if you want to choose the right service according to your needs, you should go through this guide. This guide will cover all aspects of the Optimum vs Spectrum debate. This, in turn, will allow you to make an informed choice about the right service for your home. Read on to know more about this.

Coverage Area When It Comes to Optimum vs Spectrum

Both Charter and Optimum are very reliable cable providers in the USA. But their availability differs a lot. Optimum is available only in 4 states. These states are New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut.

While Charter’s services are available in 44 states across the USA. It is one of the most widely available cable providers across the USA. That is why its services are so popular. So, in terms of availability of services, the Charter is the obvious winner.

Connection Speed

In terms of Optimum vs Spectrum speed comparison, both these providers offer a range of amazing speeds to their customers. Both of them use both cable and fiber-optic technology to deliver advertised speeds to their customers.

But both have a different approach towards using these technologies. Charter utilizes fiber-optic technology to deliver its services in some states. But Optimum utilizes this technology in a different way. Optimum uses fiber-optic to strengthen its cable network. And therefore, the connection that reaches your home is still a cable network.

And, there can be many problems with a cable connection. If you live in a crowded area, you will experience frequent interruptions during peak hours. But with Charter’s fiber-optic network, you’ll surely get the advertised speeds. Also, the Charter offers Internet packages with speeds as high as 1Gbps. But Optimum can only offer speeds that reach almost 400 Mbps. So, if you want a faster and reliable connection, the Charter is the better choice.

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Internet Prices

In terms of Internet prices, Optimum offers a better deal. Just by paying less than $50/month, you can enjoy as high as 200-300 Mbps speeds. While to get 100 Mbps speeds, you’ll have to pay around $50 by subscribing to Charter’s services.

But if you want to subscribe to a package with higher Internet speeds, then the Charter is a smart choice. This is because its expensive packages are more economical than the same packages by other providers. Although you have to take the promotional period into account as well.

After the promotional period is over, the prices mentioned by both the providers can rapidly go up. Charter’s prices usually go up by $20-30. But the Optimum’s Internet prices can significantly increase depending upon the location. Normally, Optimum’s prices go up by $20-50. So, it’s a good idea to take these things into account before subscribing to any of the providers’ services. 

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Data Usage Limit

One of the biggest things to consider before choosing any of the providers’ services is the data cap. Fortunately, both these providers’ services don’t have any data caps. So, you won’t have to pay extra for any data overage with both these provider’s services.

Also, since none of them have data caps, you won’t have to bear slow speeds at the end of the month. So, you’ll be able to stream your favorite content and enjoy games the same way the whole month long.

TV Packages

The sad part about Optimum’s TV service is that it doesn’t offer any standalone package. So, you will have to subscribe to its Internet service as well if you want to enjoy its TV service. Its cheapest bundle starts at around $75/month and includes more than 220 channels. So, you should subscribe to this package only if you want to enjoy both its Internet and TV services.

On the other hand, the Charter offers several standalone packages, like Spectrum WiFi. Just by paying approximately $45/month, you can enjoy more than 125 live channels. So, if you want to get a standalone package, this provider is the right choice for you. 

Contracts and Offers

Both these providers greatly facilitate their customers in terms of contracts. Both don’t bind their customers in any kind of contract. So, you won’t have to pay early termination fees in case you decide to end your subscription.

Also, both of these providers offer amazing deals throughout the year. So, it is difficult to do an Optimum vs Spectrum comparison in this regard. Both of them perform well in terms of these metrics.

Customer Service and Reviews

Both of these providers have great customer services and reviews. The customers are highly satisfied with both these providers’ services. So, in terms of these two metrics, both these providers perform well. 

Bundling Options

Optimum offers several bundling options to its customers. Its bundles are also much more affordable than the Charter’s bundles. Just by paying $75/month, you can enjoy great TV and Internet services. Charter’s bundles are much more expensive than the Optimum’s bundles.

To enjoy all three (phone, TV, and Internet) services, you’ll have to pay around $102.97/month. And if you want to enjoy TV and Internet services, you’ll have to pay around $89.98/month. So, in terms of the bundling options, Optimum is a better choice for you.

Final Verdict

Taking all these metrics into account, it is fair to say that the Charter performs better than Optimum in most of the matters. Charter offers several other free perks to its customers that make its services highly desirable. For instance, it offers a FREE modem and FREE TV app to its customers. All of these perks facilitate the users in terms of making the most of these services. So, if you want to enjoy quality services in a less crowded area, Charter is the right choice for you.

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