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What Channel is Oxygen on Spectrum?

Oxygen on Spectrum

Creative minds find mysterious, puzzling, and intriguing TV shows to be quite interesting. Since 2000, Oxygen on Spectrum has been producing such types of quality shows featuring captivating stories. The channel is credited with the longest-running crime dramas in the USA. Founded by Geraldine Laybourne, the channel has shows that revolve around the lives of the world’s most famous criminals and the most difficult crime cases.

You can watch this channel on Spectrum TV if you are interested in crime, mystery, and suspense. However, the channel number of Oxygen is different in states across the United States of America. You can find out the respective number in your state by going through the following passages.

About Oxygen

It has been around 20 years since the inception of Oxygen. However, in 2017, the channel underwent a major makeover. Many shows that the channel was previously airing were discontinued by the management team. They replaced these shows with new titles that completely changed the stats of the TV channel.

The viewership increased steadily and more people started subscribing to Oxygen. Titles like “Lie to Die For” and “Buried in the Backyard” soar to popularity. The fan following exceeded millions alone from the USA. During 2018, the channel had the highest growth in terms of viewership. The general public perception improved greatly due to the makeover of the channel.

Find Oxygen on Spectrum

Subscribers of Spectrum TV packages can find Oxygen on Spectrum in many packages. Spectrum TV Select, Spectrum Silver package, and Spectrum Gold, all contain Oxygen. Regardless of your plan, you can access the channel with ease. There is no need to pay any extra money to watch one of the best crime channels out there. You can fulfill your desire to watch intriguing and mysterious shows for as low as $44 99 per month by subscribing to the Spectrum Select package.

Spectrum provides cable services in many different states across the US. This is why channel numbers may be different in different states. On Charter Cable, it is quite easy to find the channel numbers of Oxygen on Spectrum by looking for a guide on the internet. However, the following list of channel numbers is reliable and up-to-date. Simply find your state and the channel number written next to the channel’s number. The list is in alphabetical order.

City/State Channel Number
Albertville, AL 63
Yakima, WA 734
Clarksburg,WV 66
Milwaukee,WI 73
Cheyenne, WY 22
Barre, VT 797
Richlands, VA 49
Austin, TX 27
Alcoa, TN 61
Corry, PA 73
Columbia, SC 76
Greensboro, NC 70
Akron, OH 73
Dallas City, OR 24
Bergen Co, NJ 64
Albany,NY 94
Charlotte,NC 171
Grand Island,NE 49
Carson City, NV 50
Lancaster, NH 39
Duluth, MN 19
St. Louis,Missouri 61
Billings,MT 61
Bangor, MN 25
Worcester, MA 76
Greenville, MI 89
Bourg, LA 61
Lexington, KY 45

Popular Shows

Oxygen has many quality TV shows like the Bears Game, that can pique your interest. Do note that these shows are highly addicting. You may not be able to stop yourself from binge-watching them. You can also watch the channel with Spectrum WiFi plans on your phone.


Snapped has been running on Oxygen for the past 28 seasons. It is one of the longest-running shows on Oxygen. Every week we can watch a new episode and some of the most intriguing crime scenes. Some of the scenes are quite horrific. The show host talks to the criminals and tries to understand what made them such clients.

Dark Web Exposed

Dark Web Exposed is a show on Oxygen that talks about the crimes taking place on the internet. This series shows how technology facilitates cybercrimes. Not only that, but it also discusses how conventional ways to perform criminal acts have become abundant. If you watch the show, then you can learn to be more aware of your online safety. The show focuses on how crime law enforcement agencies find such criminals by using the latest techniques.

Chicago P.D

Chicago P.D (Police Department) is one of the best TV shows that Oxygen has to offer. This show is about the real cases that the Chicago police department works on. It revolves around the resolution of real-life incidents. Detective Sergeant Henry Soni, Detective Antonio Dawson, Detective Jay Halstead, and officer Adam Rizek tell the viewers about how the police department resolves cases and uses modern approaches to do so.

After going through the above passage, you now know that Oxygen is present on Spectrum. Not only that, you can even get the channel subscription if you are a subscriber of the most economical package from Spectrum. Apart from this, simply refer to the list of channel numbers to find the channel number of your favorite TV.

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