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What Channel is the Patriots Game on Spectrum?


NFL games are always a total treat to watch. And when it is the New England Patriots that are playing, the excitement level quadruples. There is something about this team that makes them so great both on-field and off-field. They are exceptional at what they do and can easily knock out their opponents in the initial rounds. Hence, it is so gratifying to watch the Patriots game on Spectrum.

Over the years, the team has provided many fantastic moments to the fans that they can never forget. For instance, many will remember the 2001 season when the team overcame all the odds to win their first Super Bowl championship. The team always leaves their blood, sweat, and tears on the field and their fans are always there to support them.

The Patriots: A Little History

The New England Patriots were founded as the Boston Patriots in 1959. It was a member of the American Football League before it joined the NFL via the AFL-NFL merger in 1970. The team continued to play throughout Boston before they were transferred to Foxborough as a result of which they changed their name to the New England Patriots. They used to play their home games at the famous Foxboro Stadium from 1971 till 2002. Gillette Stadium is now their current home. Since the team’s inception, they have gone on to clinch 11 Conference championships and a whopping 22 Division titles.

During their amazing career, the New England Patriots have won 6 Super Bowl Championships. They won their most recent title in 2018 when the team defeated the Los Angeles Rams. The two sides gave it their all but when the dust settled, it was the former who emerged victoriously, 13-3. The famous pop group, Maroon 5 performed during the halftime show that year. The group also brought a couple of special guests along with them, Big Boi and Travis Scott.

Also known as the Pats, the franchise is currently coached by Bill Belichick. The team is owned by Robert Kraft whereas Jonathan Kraft is the president of the Patriots.

Major Achievements

The New England Patriots have accomplished a lot during their remarkable career. Some of their major achievements are as follows.

  • They hold the record for the greatest number of wins in a 10-year period; 126
  • The team has won eleven consecutive division titles
  • The Patriots have the greatest number of playoff wins; 37
  • They tie the record for the most Super Bowl wins; 6. The team they share this record with is Pittsburgh Steelers.

How to Watch the Patriots Game on Spectrum

Watching an NFL game from the stands is great. After all, you are getting a chance to experience all the nail-biting action live and in front of you. However, as you know how the current pandemic has affected the sports world. Fans are no longer invited to watch the game as they are encouraged to practice social distancing to stop the spread of the virus. Therefore, the best thing that you can do is to watch these games on the television from the comfort of your own home. But not just on television, on Spectrum TV where you will be able to enjoy all the thrilling moments of the game in HD. However, it would be a good idea to look into different Spectrum WiFi plans to ensure that the video content runs smoothly.

Once you have taken care of the internet, you will be able to stream all the channels whether it be CMT or ABC without any issues. What’s more? You can even view the content on the Spectrum mobile app. How cool is that?! As for the NFL game, you can watch it on a number of channels including, ESPN, NBC, CBS, and NFL Network.

Spectrum Plans That Show NFL Games

Watching the Patriots game on Spectrum is a good alternative if you are unable to watch them live in action. Spectrum cable offers three different plans. The first is Spectrum Select which offers 120 channels including ESPN, NBC, and CBS where you can catch the NFL action. However, you will not be able to find NFL Network with this deal.

The second is the Spectrum Silver package. This plan will offer you 170 channels which will include all of the channels where you can watch the Patriots game. You will also be able to find many entertainment channels such as HBO, AMC, SHOWTIME, LMN, and FX Movie Channel.

The third deal is called Spectrum Gold. This package will bring you 200 channels which will include all the premium channels from the silver deal with the addition of some extras like NFL RedZone. This particular channel is very popular among the fans as it shows all things NFL.

How to Find These Channels?

Considering the number of channels each of these Spectrum deals offers, it can become quite a hassle for you to find the right one to catch on to all the NFL action. But there is no need to worry! The following tables will help you out finding them. However, please note that the channel number may vary from one area to another.

Cleveland, OH4 & 1004Cincinnati, OH12Canton, OH4Columbus, OH10Tampa-St., FL10 & 1010Petersburg, FL10 & 1010Daytona Beach, FL6 & 1060Melbourne, FL5 & 1016Lexington, KY9Louisville, KY5Jeffersonville, KY5Raleigh, NC6Durham, NC2Fayetteville, NC10Greensboro, NC9High Point, NC9Milwaukee, WI5Rochester, NY8San Antonio, TX3Dallas, TX11 & 781Park Cities, TX11 & 781Ft. Worth, TX11 & 781.

City/State CBS Channel Number
Akron, OH 4
Cleveland, OH 4 & 1004
Cincinnati, OH 12
Canton, OH 4
Columbus, OH 10
Tampa-St., FL 10 & 1010
Petersburg, FL 10 & 1010
Daytona Beach, FL 6 & 1060
Melbourne, FL 5 & 1016
Lexington, KY 9
Louisville, KY 5
Jeffersonville, KY 5
Raleigh, NC 6
Durham, NC 2
Fayetteville, NC 10
Greensboro, NC 9
High Point, NC 9
Milwaukee, WI 5
Rochester, NY 8
San Antonio, TX 3
Dallas, TX 11 & 781
Park Cities, TX 11 & 781
Ft. Worth, TX 11 & 781
Birmingham, AL 3 & 1003
City, State NBC Channel Number
Manhattan, NY 4
Cleveland, OH 14
St. Antonio, TX 3
Austin, TX 4
Bowling Green, KY 7
Lexington Metro Area, KY 8
Louisville, KY 6
Jeffersonville, KY 8
Tampa, FL 8
Orlando, FL 4
Columbia, SC 3
Florence, SC 10
Greenville, SC 4
Montgomery, AL 11
Birmingham Area, AL 5
Dothan, AL 12
City of Erie, PA 12
Wilmington, DE 7
Charlotte, NC 6
Picayune, MS 6
NFL Network
City/State NFL Network
Maryville, Tennessee 22/826
Los Angeles, California 310
Carson City, Nevada 14/800
Madison, Wisconsin 15/669
Midland, Michigan 37/711
Creswell, Oregon 18/807
El Paso, Texas 94/310
Indianapolis, Indiana 83
Great Falls, Montana 17/625
Orlando, Florida 101
Athens, Georgia 20/822
Wapato, Washington 20/807
Lincoln, Nebraska 99
St Charles, Missouri 15/802
Montgomery, Alabama 15/822
Brooklyn, New York 310
Cincinnati, Ohio 346
Louisville, Kentucky 547
Sartell, Minnesota 14/802
Cheyenne, Wyoming 17/625
Yuma, Arizona 310
Camp, Lejeune North Carolina 15/822
State City ESPN Channel #
Alabama Birmingham 20
Arizona Yuma 35
California San Diego 29
Colorado Grand Junction 33
Connecticut Winsted 33
Florida Tampa Bay Area: Polk County 27
Georgia Athens 32
Hawaii Hilo 95
Idaho Coeur d’Alene 24
Illinois Belleville 35
Indiana Indianapolis Area 36
Kentucky Louisville 31
Louisiana Hammond 31
Maine Augusta 25
Maryland Crisfield 25
Massachusetts Worcester 34
Michigan Midland 32
Minnesota Duluth 34
Missouri St. Louis Metro Area 35
Mississippi Picayune 31
Montana Helena 24


Charter Spectrum knows how to take care of its customers. This is why it just doesn’t focus on providing a plethora of entertainment channels. It offers a vast variety of sports channels too. And so, to enjoy the Patriots game on Spectrum, you can tune into either one of the options mentioned above. Apart from the NFL, you can catch on to different types of sporting action including MLB, MLS, and NBA to name a few.

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