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Resident Evil 7 Was the Most Captivating Game of 2017

Resident Evil 7 - BioHazard

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard has been the most intense, attention-grabbing, and environmentally compelling game of 2017.

Capcom has shaken the earlier 21-year-old iterations of the Resident Evil series: Horror. In Resident Evil 7, the game has taken a turn with a new life in first-person – ringing back on the old grandiose scope.

But even Resident Evil 7 is doing horror so well.

Ethan Winters is searching for his wife Mia in Louisiana, from this very first moment of search at the derelict Baker family property, the game sinks into the horrific territories without taking the surface, not until the credits roll.

Resident Evil 7 - Bakers family

As soon as Jack, Lucas Baker, and Marguerite enter the mischievous house, which as from the disarray of the house, everyone thought as just abandoned, the horror unfolds immediately and ubiquitously. From the masochist and violent dive of the three into the house to every second spent hereafter, the disturbing feel of the encounter coming at any second from behind the door, around the corner, or lying in wait for your turn runs chills in the bone.

Resident Evil 7 is the mind teaser. Ethan cannot leave. And the game teases the mind with the hope and little breadcrumbs that hallway floors, rooms, and ancillary buildings will offer the slightest of relief from the horror of monsters and the Bakers waiting in the dark.

Resident Evil 7 - Relentless Environment

The hope dies over and over again.

Mia earlier, possessed by the madness from the house, cuts off Ethan’s hand. And even before the police officer could investigate the house and help Ethan with escaping, he gets gruesomely killed. Bakers don’t die for good. They come back stronger and more furious than before – this becomes clear after killing one Baker family member.

Resident Evil 7 keeps you on your toes of unpredictability and edge of feeling that Bakers could show up anytime during the game, While Ethan’s is aware that Bakers are possessed by something from the house that drives them violent and makes them unpredictable.

Resident Evil 7 - Coming From the Corners

Despite clearing a space or making a room available, free from the Bakers, there’s always this chance that Bakers or other enemies could appear. And this keeps going on throughout the game.

You will find relentless environment designing in Resident Evil 7, especially because of the lights. Sparse lighting is used in the game, to force you to focus more keenly. Every hallway and surface in the game is provided with the same sparse lighting that helps you to see even the silently stalking enemy.

Due to the game plot, the game has such scarce amount of light that the slights beam of light or the glowing bulb seems to be the haven in the dark-pitched-black room – because the darkness is killing.

Resident Evil 7 - The Light Condition at Bakers

There are times when the lights are glaring so directly towards Ethan that light and Ethan seem to be in the same interrogation. This is when you feel that you are intimidated, disoriented, and you are stuck in the spotlight for enemies to see you.

This is the way to the underlying story of the Bakers and their deserted land – only towards the end, it starts getting clear which at the start was a shrouded mystery.

Resident Evil 7 - Bakers Scary TV Room

The very brief phone calls, playable VHS tapes from the past, paper scraps laying around, and environmental clues all continue making things clear. The clearer it becomes, the more horrific it becomes for Ethan who already is learning the true threat bubbling underneath and within everything.

The game takes twists and turns and new revelations keep popping up as Ethan explores and derelict the most disgusting corner of the property.

The best part about Resident Evil 7 is that is never losing momentum, never gives up, and does not stop demanding every bit of your attention. The horror that actually seeps into your skin and grabs hold of you, dragging you forward!

And if you haven’t by far, then start playing it! But before you decide on playing Resident Evil, get yourself accustomed to gaming online and internet speed required. There’s no reason you should stop the continuity of the thrill when you’re about to hit the climax!

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